WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?The simple solution to all this is Mr Hichilema and his team need to go- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


The solution to our current socio-economic and political problems is not to ask the opposition political parties for a solution.

The solution for those who have failed is clear for all to see. Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND need to pave way for those that have a vision and direction. Those who have failed like Mr Hichilema, should leave and not go on a spree to ask for solutions from opposition political parties that they do not even implement when advised. How many times have we offered solutions to this regime and what has been the response?

The truth is, we in the opposition are always advising Mr Hichilema and his regime, but they don’t listen. And this advice has not only been coming from the opposition leaders, but even from civic leaders, traditional leaders, the church and ordinary Zambians.

In any case, why should the opposition give the UPND solutions as frequently asked by their supporters? Is this an admission that they have failed? Are they telling us that they don’t have answers to our problems? What happened to Mr Hichilema’s ten- point plan, the manifesto and the numerous promises that they made to the Zambians? So if they are failing to implement their own plans, whose plans will they implement?

The simple solution to all this is Mr Hichilema and his team need to go! They have lamentably failed to implement their manifesto, and they have no ability to listen to advise. The solution for those who can’t improve the well being of our people is not a magical one. It’s clear. The real immediate solution out of these problems is to let the UPND go. They have clearly demonstrated that they have no capacity to unite and run this country.

We the Socialist Party have a manifesto, we have plans and solutions, some of which we are already sharing whilst in opposition. We urge the people of this country to engage us when we share these issues.

We look forward to you engaging us on our plans and solutions.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. Fred, stop being a pest and making unnecessary noise. You are trying too hard to be relevant. SP and Ukwa are really in a tough race to the bottom – trying to outdo one another with silliness.

  2. Mr membe you have no vision. That’s why the post was closed . If you failed to run the post, can you ran a country? Your bitterness will choke you to death. HH is going to rule till 2031 and thereafter UPND will continue with anther mandate.

  3. Since when has anyone in Zambia opted for a simple solution?
    Let me just say Since when has anyone in this world opted for a simple solution? Those with simple solutions should just keep them.

  4. Fred m’membe is even failing to go on the streets and hook one of those prostitutes who stand by the roadside all what he enjoys is the back doors of his fellow men,Fred your hatred will put you in the grave one day with this heat,cool down because you’re panicking too much against your years very soon you will surfer from stroke because your mouth is not careful at all

  5. Who is Mmeembe to order HH to leave his seat. He didn’t put him there. I and another 1.8 million people vot one HAKAINDE HICHILEMA into his office. Long live HH. Long live the UPND.

  6. Maybe I need to be enlightened on this claim of Mr. Mmembe ever offering any solution to the current challenges. All the time I have read his writings, all I see from him are unending lamentations and name calling of the president, never have I seen any solution offer in his long writings. The man only calls the president deaming names but I’m surprised that he calls that as offering solutions.


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