What really is this issue of the President staying at Nkwazi House all about? What is the biggest matter here other than the temporary inconvenience the presidential motorcade causes to other motorists during his trips to and fro state house? there is nothing else to insist why the head of state must stay at Nkwazi House.

For the record, this president has;

  1. Refused to get a salary for being President.
  2. He has refused to buy a new limousine befitting a new president.
  3. He has used public transport to a national event like the UNGA in New York.
  4. He returns back his imprest untouched whenever he travels out.
  5. God knows what else he has sacrificed which is entitled to him as president.

He has insisted that he is focussing on serving the people not himself. So, if he added to that list by refusing to occupy Nkwazi House, what is really the matter?

In any case, HH is steps ahead especially where his security is concerned. If the community house is more secure than the Nkwazi House then he is safer and better off at his house.

Why have we put so much focus on a house rather than what he is doing to change the lives of Zambians? Did you have any plans for him at Nkwazi House? Well, like I said he is ten steps ahead of you.

Perhaps one of the opposition leaders could be rented in Nkwazi House. The man is safe. Allow him to focus on working.



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