When A Few Of Us Believed One Day HH Was Going To Be The 7th President Of The Republic Of Zambia



By Stembridge Sikalundu

Indeed many are called but later a few are chosen , it is a fact of life which we must bare as long as we live , what is important is to see progress and delivery of goods and services . It is a difficult time but president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is on course for the right reasons for this country .

There came a moment when I felt if president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA was going to be killed by the PF regime , all the hopes of my life and the many zambians out there were going to be shattered , especially that most of the life threats were being done in public to the president and the many followers and those of us who were critics of the PF on social media . Supporting president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the UPND objectives would be in a double jorpardy if anything happened before the general elections , supporting president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA made us to live in fear, but the courage was necessary to achieve the struggle , we were better off in opposition knowing that president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA was safe and alive , it gave us momentum and strength in our hiding dunes , we gathered more courage , one would imagine loosing the struggle if the life of president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA was going to be cut short at the time zambians had proved him to be the right president of this country beyond 2021 .

When am asked how free iam now after PRESIDENT HAKAINDE HICHILEMA got elected as president of the republic of zambia , I felt I got the 21 st century modern independence from fellow zambians that besieged the country for seven (07) years . My personal expressions were democratically approved and my freedoms and rights were automatically restored.

It took twenty three (23 )years of the UPND party to be in opposition , president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s journey to the presidency is of the record period of seventeen (17) years , it is important to reflect and introspect on this dream , it took five attempts in seventeen (17) years to reach the top , this is a very emotional journey but a well deserved achievement .

It may have taken seventeen (17) years to become president of the republic of zambia , unprecedented decisions to realign this country have been done in less than one year and ten months in power , in order to raise the diminished hopes that oppressed the improvement of the living standards among zambians , freedoms and rights of people are a recipe to national development , this is what president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has restored . What president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has done is to realign the policy frame work , is use of the visionary concepts to ensure resources of the country are ploughed back to the people , and part of this success is the decentralisation policy .

I salute the zambian people who followed the journey of quest by president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the test of the people who supported along this unforgettable experience which earned is the victory to see Mr HAKAINDE HICHILEMA become president of this country , the rest is history because the nation must move forward with a more purposeful agenda , economic transformation , forgiveness ,unity , love and peace . President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has demonstrated that , authority in office of the presidency should not change the core values of our being and existence with others . I have learnt from president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA a lot more of how to coexist . We thank God to have a president that inspires his people from his personality , archievemts and accomplishments , the principle of visionary excellence is a gift from God and to see it and have takes a lot of sacrifices which are painful , than just seeing anyone wanting to become president .

However president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has reterated that any citizen of this country is free to contest the presidency without any regard for ethnicity or marginalisation , no one will go through what he experienced before , under his authority and time we are free zambians . God bless mother Zambia .



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