“When a tribal war breaks out, we have enough Bembas & Easterners to over power the police”- PF Mfuwe MP Maureen Mabonga



  1. Why is this big nose still on the loose?
    She can’t vomit tribal hate speech and continue roaming freely like this.
    All Patriotic Zambians have a civic duty to ensure every tribalist is behind bars!

  2. Home Affairs and Internal Security minister Jack Mwiimbu must show his teeth here!!! Why are they scared to act? These trouble rousers won’t stop talking….cage them. Forget their whining about democratic space…we non-politocal citizens are seeing plenty of democratic space. Just do your job guys please before these lunatics bring chaos in this country. They will gradually get more vocal until they really do something. Wake up guys..

  3. Mr HH sir wake up, you have the control now use it, or else this nonsense is going to consume you sir. Lock these idiot now before we see what we have not seen before.

  4. Can she even go to the battle front if war broke out? Does she know what war is? It’s now 60 years after independence and we have not know Bembas and Easterners as our enemies, we have known them as our brothers and sisters. This woman is just exhibiting her stupidity. Whoever wants to rule this country should do so democratically through the ballot and not any other way, we can’t allow that. Is she a spokesperson for Easterners and Bembas? Why can’t she speak her stupidity alone? We don’t want war in this country, our children are in school enjoying free education and we shall not tolerate any disruption to their learning. Aba Bemba nabena Chipata alelabda, tebonse abali mubupuba bwakwe iyo, we have so many Bembas and Easterners aba mano. Didn’t the wise men come from the East? Where are the fools like this woman coming from? Asebanya banja, she should be strongly cautioned and warned, a careless talk can destroy the whole country just like a small match stick can destroy a thick and large forest. I doubt if she will even retain her seat in 2026.

  5. Iam Bemba but count me out of exyour foolishness. When you engage in your lawlessness you donot ask for my approval, so when it comes to accounting you are on your own. Who are you to assume that I will willingly engage in tribal conflict?

    When you were stealing, I didnot benefit in any way. So why drag me into your wars?

    Can the appropriate authorities please deal with this reckless woman. Tribalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    By the way, you donot win a war because of numbers. You have to be smart to win a war and from what I have seen with the likes of Munir and this loud mouth and the rest of the Lungu PF crowd, there is no way you can win.

    Besides, these tribal war mongers will be the first to flee the country to live abroad since they have the money they looted. Where is Kaizer Zulu? Where is Chilufya Tayali? Kambwili also fled but was handed back by Zimbabwe. They talk tough but when push comes to shove, they crumble.

    So fellow Zambians, let us say a BIG NO to divisive elements like Mr. Lungu and his crowd. They are showing their true colours. They mean harm to our country.

  6. Ba President please please Zambia twasebana , please please get a strong whip and whip the nonsense who are on the loose championing tribalism in the name of politics, this trend should be put to stop we are not interested in this rubbish talk . Elyo iwe mayo nobufyashi tabwakupala iyoo , because you can’t become so careless in talking nonsense trying to incite civil war in our beloved country . Stop involving us bembas in your stupidity we are not interested in civil war, start fighting our brothers and sisters for what reason honestly speaking in this 21st century sure sure, be civil and get a life woman.

  7. You are on your own with your Lungu and Jay Jay. Count me out. Why should I hack my own nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers and sisters in laws etc just to protect your hidden loot from plunder and to plunder this country even further?

  8. It is worth mentioning here that when one is given an opportunity to rule us it does not mean that they have the freedom of dumping their primitive way of thinking on us. It is repulsive and we should not be taken for granted. Unlike you we will not reckless allow our emotions to get out of control.

    In your anger and assumptions you should not think you own us all. This stupidity and uneducated thinking comes from illterate thinking that a one tribe is more special than another. What nosense. In any case what are going to do with all the intermarraiges between the tribes you mention. See your ignorance and lack of common sense it clearly shows that it is your emotions at play and not proper mature thinking.

    Stop this nonsense please. Look back and see the crazy atitudes the previous administration was dealing with. It was a one sided affair on appointments and even developmental projects. This is not the case as it is. And should not be ever again.

    It seems you characters have taken us your empoyers for granted and become too big headed for our liking. I propose we the citizens to start getting involved in sighting some of you for uttering statements likely to cause harm.

    Learn to bridle your tongue. Just because you gather together and eat from the same pot of hatred it does not mean you can pollute us with you silly sick wicked ideas.

    Being an MP does not give you the right to separate us as a country. You will be dead and gone when your time comes and Zambia will still be here. We employed you to make sensible remarks to protect and unify us not this stupid ranting.

    The problem you guys are having is that you think your greatest threat is UPND. No, not at all they are equally facing their greatest opponent which is us the people.

    An intellegent politician will take note of this important part and engage with wisdom and not childish careless emotional responses. Have some decency and common sense.

    This type of arrogance needs to be educated with legal recourse. I assume the exsist laws can be used to visit this ignorant arrogant person. We want action. Stupidity should not be allowed. Infact these are guys who make the laws they want us to obey. So subject her to the laws she helped make. If found wanting oet the law take its course. UPND owes us this nuch.

    So if you think you are desparate for a fight go join boxing or better MMA (Mixed martial Arts) am sure you will find some tribe mates who will you teach you a lessons since you are desperate and itching for a beating. What a violent person.

    As for us who see from afar we are fed up with your tantrums and actually call you out to be the biggest tribalists around. Especially that this ugly word only started coming out after your loss and continually proceeded out of you filthy untamed mouths.

    Who do want to die because of your stupid pride of feeling important.we are all equal and share as partners in our great nation.

    We thank God our first Republican President had wisdom and foresight to deal with the likes of you and protected us all from the animal in you which is you itching to spill other peoples blood. Very wicked and we bind that evil Spirit in Jesus name.

    • Condemnation of Maureen Mabonga is understandable but it will not teach her anything. What she needs right now is a good lecture on post-colonial nation-building with examples from other parts of the world and our own country. That way we will turn her into an ambassador of peace and nation-building. But where’s the other PF’s reaction to what she said? The Miles Sampa PF has already issued a statement to denounce Maureen Mabonga.

  9. What kind of leaders do we have in our country, do they know what a war means. We have a duty to educate these leaders without foresight

  10. Politicians are the most selfish people I have ever seen especially the current crop of opposition. They are willing to go to any length even destroying the country’s fabric just to advance their selfish agenda.
    When they are eating, they never to want to include their ethnic group but when they are in trouble, they want the whole tribe to be involved.
    What happened to hon. JJ Banda is sad and I would not want anyone to go through the ordeal but for the opposition politicians to start talking about tribal prosecution is nothing short of being foolish.
    Does it mean when a president is from another region then people from other region should never experience any misfortune, otherwise it should be considered tribal, how illogical is that line of thought? What happened to hon. Banda can happen to anyone regardless of the tribe and politicians should never use such misfortunes to advance their selfish political agenda.

  11. When a child starts stealing in their home and the parents spare the rode under the veil of human rights, They will only have themselves to blame if the child brings them further shame when he/she grows up and starts committing felonies for fun. ZP should put this tribalist pa ka mpelwa, so tht she starts reasoning, her mental faculties are in disarray.

  12. I think that’s what this Upnd don’t realize , they think they can mis treat people like it’s a military government. This is a democracy. Normal people in Zambia have seen now why this Hichilema was not voted for , for 5 times. The truth is that he has failed to govern the country. What Kaunda prophesied has come to reality. Unleashing police on poor citizens is not the way to rule a democratic country. Bembas say “ichalo tachila talala nga musunga . . . “! So don’t take citizens for granted ati because you have the police at your command! Things can just change and you find police are even against you. So congratulations madam , you are very brave. Let’s not pretend things are alright in the country when things are very bad. Hichilema are tarnished the image of the Tongas, and it will be very difficult for another Tonga to rule this country again!

  13. Please Zambia Lock up these Kawalalas a d throw away the keys.
    They are anarchy agitators trying to bring chaos and uprising to our peaceful country Zambia thinking it will hide or protect the National infrastructures and money they have looted
    Cage them please and put them at MundaWanga so we can see them for what they are

  14. I miss Kampyongo. He must join the UPND and appointed minister of home affairs to lock up this scrap. Kampong never torerated this nonsense from people like Munir Zulu and Maureen AdisAbaba


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