When in Leadership, Avoid Emotional Decisions
_A rant by Rev Walter Mwambazi_

So I wake up to this story…

“Lusaka High Court has ruled late President Sata offside for appointing and firing former Zambia Railways CEO Prof Clive Chirwa. The Court held that it is only the Board of Directors which has that authority. He was fired after 7 months in office.
He will now get the remaining 4 yrs 5 months salary, allowances, full graduity, interest and costs. The Court further held that retirement in Public Interest doesn’t apply to parastatals”

It is such stories that make me cringe.

How many times have we as a country through successive regimes found ourselves here before? Some cases come to mind immediately
👉 Lap Green and the Zamtel saga
👉 Universal ban on night travel
👉 SI33 on quoting in Kwacha instead of Dollar
👉 The mines (many decisions have been reversed to our detriment)
👉 and many more…

So now once again, we are going to have to pay almost $750,000 to Professor Chirwa for a wrongful dismissal. Some may have a bone to pick with him on this one and may even call him unpatriotic.

Here is my view… (trying to be as objective as possible)

The Prof has a reputation, brand and image to uphold. Being fired “in national interest” brings a serious “dent” on his image. He had to run with this to its logical conclusion and unless GRZ feels aggrieved and takes this to the Supreme Court, its most likely this shall just be added to our already HUGE local debt.

Lesson for Leaders

It’s a very simple lesson really.

“Please consult widely!”

Even the Bible says it clearly, “in the multitude of counsellors there is victory and safety.” What those in charge ought to be doing especially when you consider just how much human resource GRZ has is to consult thoroughly from persons with experience and a demonstrable track record. We could be saving ourselves so much retrogressive decisions if only we could tap into that resource.

So, yes it’s gonna cost us again, and yes he is entitled to it. It’s just sad to know that if only those in charge had just consulted any HR expert, this could have been avoided.

So, next time around, please napapata, CONSULT FIRST!


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