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When Late Daniel Munkombwe Said “Time For A Tonga To Rule” And It’s Mainstream Misinterpretation In 2015-Editor

When Zambia’s late patriotic statesman and veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe said inquote “Time for a Tonga to rule” unquote during the 2015 presidential byelection in Choma District, was Daniel Munkombwe been tribal or expressing his personal opinion on having ethnic diversity in the presidency?

Let’s analyze Daniel Munkombwe’s so-called controversial statement in Choma District,Southern Province 👇👇👇👇

👉 When late Daniel Munkombwe said inquote “Time for a Tonga to rule” unquote did he mention other tribes or did Munkombwe call for segregation of the presidency like PF’s Chishimba Kambwili and Emmanuel Mwamba did?

👇 When late Daniel Munkombwe said inquotes “Time for a Tonga to rule” unquote did Munkombwe suggest other tribes or other regions shouldn’t rule? Like Patriotic Front’s Chishimba Kambwili,Mumbi Phiri,Davies Mwila,Emmanuel Mwamba,Sunday Chanda, Davies Chama, Frank Bwalya and Edgar Chagwa Lungu continuously do?

👇 Did Daniel Munkombwe vilify or dehumanize other tribes calling them dogs or cows in mainstream media? Like PF’s Chishimba Kambwili, Kennedy Kamba, Davies Chama, Sunday Chanda and Mumbi Phiri do concurrently on ZNBC and MUVi TV?

👉 Did Daniel Munkombwe ever say “Bembas should never rule” or “Chewas been a minority should never ascend to the presidency? like PF’s Bizwell Mutale and Munir Zulu did?

👉 Did Daniel Munkombwe ever discriminate or polarize against fellow Zambians based on their ethnicity or surname? Like PF’s Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Davies Mwila do?

Late Daniel Munkombwe wasn’t a tribalist none were his sentiments tribalistic, let’s not forget Munkombwe was an unwavering nationalist influenced by his pan-African freedom fighter uncles Elijah Mudenda, Simon Mudenda, Samspon Mwaanga and Harry Nkumbula who fought for Zambia’s sovereignty from British colonial rule and emphasized Zambian indigenous self-governance.

Daniel Munkombwe despite been a youth,was a political organizer and administrator of the African National Congress in Zambia coordinating with South Africa’s ANC to spearhead emancipation of Africans in Southern Africa during and after independence of Zambia.When Kenneth Kaunda became president,Daniel Munkombwe was always the middleman between Kaunda and Nkumbula, Munkombwe was instrumental in the signing and implementation of the Choma declaration which defused tensions between Kaunda and Nkumbula.

Daniel Munkombwe throughout his political career served almost every president and government with uncompromising loyalty and unmatched efficiency from Kenneth Kaunda’s UNIP to Levy Mwanawasa’s MMD to Rupiah Banda’s MMD including Michael Sata’s PF.Munkombwe’s political best friends were fellow freedom fighters Rupiah Banda,Michael Sata, Alexander Gary Zulu,Kenneth Kaunda and Simon Kapwepwe .

When Daniel Munkombwe claimed inquote “Time for a Tonga to rule” unquote Munkombwe never meant malice none intended to polarize, Munkombwe expressed a personalized opinion that Tongas should aspire for the presidency like all 74 tribes, which is no different to black Americans publicly saying “Time for America to have a black president” Remember how the world described Barack Obama becoming the first black president and 44th president of America as a step towards progressive racial integration and remember how women described Kamala Devi Harris’s election as the 49th vice-president of America as a watershed moment for women/girls aspiring for top leadership positions.

“Time for a Tonga to Rule” was a preamplifier opinion of late Daniel Munkombwe suggesting Tongas equally sacrificed like other ethnic groups for Zambia’s independence and Tongas equitably contributed to the economic transformation of the country like all 74 tribes, Munkombwe was entitled to his opinion after sacrificing his (Munkombwe) youth and energy to ensure his freedom fighting generation ushered the next generation of their born free grandchildren,born with the birthright of self determination and economic opportunity through the democratic process of elections. –Fact Check Zambia


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