When The Hunter Becomes the Hunted, the Case of PF & UPND

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When The Hunter Becomes the Hunted, the Case of PF & UPND

By Daimone Siulapwa

In a political turn of events, the United Party for National Development (UPND), once the hunter, now finds itself hunted by the very forces it dislodged out of power.

Having ascended to power with a multitude of promises and what many now perceive as strategic propaganda, UPND in government has been met with a formidable counter-attack of propaganda from the PF.

Two and a half years into their governance, UPND struggles to rein in the economy, manage escalating prices of essential commodities, and stabilize the depreciating kwacha.

The PF, now in opposition, has mounted a comeback with a vengeance, employing an onslaught of propaganda that almost surpasses the tactics used by UPND during the 2021 elections.

The PF’s experience in the art of political manipulation is evident as they skilfully set the narrative on various genuine and fabricated issues, including fishing out HH’s classical promises from the archives of social media, such as facebook. Boy its entertaining.

Meanwhile, UPND, once the aggressor, now finds itself in a defensive position, reminiscent of a headless chicken darting aimlessly in response to the relentless pursuit by the seasoned cockerel, the PF.

This reversal of roles underscores the volatile nature of Zambian politics, where the tides of power can swiftly change direction. All this has happened within two and half years.

As UPND grapples with the challenges of governance, the PF’s resurgence highlights the potency of well-crafted propaganda and strategic narrative control which the UPND should watch out for.

A case in example is, why was Bowman Lusambo allowed to organise a horde of cadres and sympathises for his police appearance in kabwe? No experienced government would make such a mistake, UPND fail straights in the laps of PF’s bait.

In this high-stakes political game, UPND’s earlier success in hunting down the PF has come back to haunt them. The PF, leveraging their experience and mastery of political manoeuvring, now relentlessly pursues UPND day and night, leaving the ruling party on the defensive.

Our political landscape, once dominated by UPND’s promises and aggressive tactics, now witnesses a role reversal where the PF, with a renewed sense of purpose, which has mostly been created by UPND’s many mistakes, sets the tone and direction of the political and economic narrative in Zambia.

Furthermore, as UPND struggles to navigate economic challenges and quell public discontent, the PF’s onslaught, fuelled by propaganda and jealous compounds the pressure on the ruling party.

In analysing this political tug of war, it becomes evident that the sword of public opinion is a double-edged weapon. The electorate demands accountability and results, and failure to deliver invites repercussions and UPND’s current defensive posture highlights the importance of effective governance beyond the realm of promises and propaganda.

UPND’s journey from the hunter in 2021 to the hunted in 2023, serves as a cautionary tale about the unpredictable nature of political fortunes. As citizens advocating for democratic rights and checks and balances, it is imperative to scrutinize the actions of both parties.

While UPND must address the economic challenges head-on and communicate transparently with the public, the PF’s responsibility lies in ensuring that their newfound momentum is not merely a result of effective propaganda but is backed by substantive policies and actions that benefit the Zambian people.


Daimone Siulapwa is the Editor-in-Chief of The Voice Newspaper. He is also a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment.

For comments or any Media and creative speech consultation, send your email to dsiulapwa@gmail.com


    • Anderson ba Daimone Siulapwa is talking from a point of disappointment after being denied a government portfolio. His analysis is skewed towards his perception and certainly not the reality on the ground. Siulupwa takes UPND to be weak for allowing PF criminals to regroup coz he is used to seeing severe crushing of opposition parties under PF Kelenka Regime. Right now, PF club is in disarray that can even be attested in Mwembeshi Ward bye election where the club is struggling to mobilise voters. Siulapwa is a hired PF Shenanigan. I submit!!

  1. A very poorly written article especially by the standards of a trained or qualified editor! Repeating the same statements without facts to back them up!
    That is speculation or his own personal opinion which he is entitled to. But surely we all have personal opinions which are not factual and don’t count for anything.
    PF is a dead party and its propaganda is worth nothing and cannot unsettle the ND.

  2. The thing is PF will never rule this country again, they will talk and talk nothing will change and come 2026 most of the Maps will never go back to National Assembly , l can assure you.


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