By NewsMakers Editor

Over the weekend, the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF) leadership was in Ndola meeting members of their women league. The PF Acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa who holds a very senior position in the party was in attendance. At that function, they were singing a song asking why Zambians shunned the boat and opted to vote for cows.

We do not wish to put words in the mouth of PF but when this song is analyzed beyond what the surfaces suggests, clearly, by questioning Zambians why they voted for cows, they were referring to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND).

It is shameful that senior leaders of the PF are the ones who were in the forefront of singing and dancing to this useless tribal song. When did UPND and its leaders become cows?
In case some people do not know, the PF and its members have always referred to UPND as a party of cows. This may obviously arise from the fact that the leader of UPND, President Hakainde Hichilema owns cows, he is a Kechama, but when the PF talk about it, there is always tribal connotation to it.

Quiet plainly, PF has not yet learnt that no matter how they play their tribal politics, Zambians are moved past tribalism as a determinant factor in politics. If indeed Zambians were influenced by tribal politics, Hichilema would not have won the elections.

People are concerned more with who is providing solutions for their needs. At the moment, it seems PF is a cluster of muddled politicians who have nothing to offer other than cheap tribal talks. But for a party that is the main opposition by virtue of representation in parliament, this is a missed opportunity for them to remain relevant. The PF had better focus on providing sound checks and balances to the ruling UPND in a more sober manner. There are quite a lot of wrong things happening in this country but the party that stands on the right pedestal to serve the people by keeping the ruling party in check, has deflected itself from being a meaningful party.

Talk of shortages of drugs in hospitals, rising prices of food, electricity, fuel and other essentials. Talk of failure by the ruling party to meet its promise to employ teachers and nurses! Talk of the scarcity of cash in circulation. Talk of late or non-delivery of farming inputs to farmers. Talk of fertilizer supply scandal. Why has PF paid so much blind eye to all these and indeed many other issues the directly affect the people whom they want to have us believe they serve?

There is no need for PF to continue on that failed path of tribalism. It failed to get the re-elected and it shall never get the elected. What will help them salvage their political fortunes are real checks and balances. 


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