WHO PROCURED THE LUXURY VXs, AT WHAT COS … tell the Zambians in the same manner you were loud on the Gulfstream – KALABA

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba


…..tell the Zambians in the same manner you were loud on the Gulfstream

Lusaka, Thursday, May 11, 2023 ( Smart Eagles)

President Hakainde Hichilema must consider cutting down on his foreign trips if he is serious about saving costs, Citizens First Leader Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba said this is is because it is highly unlikely that the MOU’s President Hichilema is signing will yield results in the remaining 38 months of his term.

Mr Kalaba said the country would be better served if the Head of State spent his time and effort listening to the people’s cries and addressing their concerns as is expected of one.

And the Opposition leader says the decision by the President to direct that new vehicles that were procured for Ministers be returned is therefore not just hypocritical but a clear demonstration of poor leadership.

Mr Kalaba has since challenged the New Dawn Administration to state to the nation who procured the ministerial vehicles in question and how they arrived at that decision

He said there is no justification for the disposal of vehicles for ministers while the President maintain a fleet of new cars that have been procured under his office.

“At what price where they procured and what price will they be disposed at? It is common knowledge the moment a car gets out of a showroom, it automatically depreciates. We demand to know who in the first place authorized the procurement of the ministerial vehicles and what the justification of selling them off and thereby allowing the country to lose hard earned tax payer’s money,” he said.

“They were loud on the purchase of the Gulfstream by the previous regime. They were eager to let the nation know as to who procured the Plane and at what cost. Why don’t they now use the same energy to inform the nation on VXs they now intend to sell.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba has castigated the UPND Government for perfecting the art and preference of supporting foreigners at the expense of Zambian Citizens.

He claims that no local contractors have been paid under the UPND government and this has resulted in a significant contraction in our economy.

“While citizens are subjected to some of the highest taxes on the continent, they have found it prudent to give tax breaks and concessions to foreign mining houses who do not even declare the correct amount of taxable revenue,” he said.


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