Whoever acts as President does not attend the National Assembly- Thabo Kawana


Thabo Kawana writes on Dynamic Analysis…..


Good evening dear DAZ members, I have noted with great concern debate around the leave of absence from the National Assembly by Her Honor the Vice President raging on.

Kindly allow me to take us back to school a little in civics 101.

The President of the Republic of Zambia does not sit in the National Assembly of Zambia. When he does so, the National Assembly changes it’s name to Parliament.

That is why the President opens Parliament and not the National Assembly.

On the other hand, when Parliament is sitting and in motion, it is called the National Assembly and Govt is led by the leader of Govt business in the House who is The Republican Vice President. The opposition are led by leader of the opposition.. In all this time, the President does not go to the National Assembly unless on special occasion to either open Parliament or a special address to Parliament as was the case with the late President Mwanawasa over removal of immunity of the late Former President Chiluba.

So now that President HH is out of the Country on a global mission together with other African Heads of State to seek peace between Russia and Eukraine, Vice President Nalumango is Acting as Republican President of Zambia. Meaning as Acting President, she now can’t attend the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, to lead Govt Business in the House in absence of the Vice President now is the Defense Minister Hon Lufuma who is now acting as leader of Govt business as Vice President Nalumango takes leave of the house to act as President until further notice.

The further notice is until when the President returns and she no longer acts as President reverting to her substantive position as Veep and leader of Govt business in the House.

So there is nothing sinister here and it is just but standard practice that whoever acts as President does not attend the National Assembly even when it’s a cabinet Minister acting as President then that Minister will not attend the National Assembly for the duration he/she acting as President.

So colleagues, I repeat just as on many other issues raised before. The issue here is that there is no issue.

Thabo Kawana
Dynamic Analyst.


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