Hakainde Hichilema aka HH has observed that no matter how good an expert can be PF hires to help them restructure the country’s debt, it will not work.

HH says the problem is with PF, it is just bad, a failed reckless failed project.

PF in trying to justify its decision to hire a France based firm which will be paid $5 million has dragged HH into the debt mess.

PF has attributed HH’s participating in the privatisation program as a consultancy being an effect to the economic woes the Zambia is going through even over 25 years after the program.

But HH says:

The PF as usual has gone on rampage with dununa reverse on defending their ill-conceived idea of wasting $5 million to pay Lazard while begging for $2.5 million from ‘foreign investors’.

Like in football, it is not about how great a coach is that makes you win matches.

It is about a good and disciplined team.

Even if you brought Alex Ferguson to coach Shibuyunji United, as long as the players are indiscipline, they will never win matches.

This is Lazard (Coach) coming to coach PF football team.

The solution to debt administration lies with us: let us use our resources well (why give our gold to ‘foreigners’, $42 million on fire tenders that are like wheelbarrows), and stop unplanned and expensive borrowing.

Imagine PF are even boasting that Lazard has the required clout and experience to restructure our $11 billion debt over three years.

Where did this $11.0 billion go? Do we understand what this money can do if invested properly? First the PF must explain where this money was spent.


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