Why 50 Cent and His Son Aren’t on Speaking Terms Anymore: An Inside Look


50 Cent and his eldest son Marquise Jackson have been estranged for years, engaging in public spats and making scathing remarks about each other online and in interviews.

Their relationship issues trace back to the vastly different upbringings 50 and Marquise had. Now Marquise resents his father’s absence, while 50 feels unappreciated for his financial support. Can this famous father and son find a way to reconcile?

50’s Difficult Upbringing Shaped His Work Ethic

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson III, had an incredibly traumatic childhood that made him determined to achieve success at all costs.

He grew up in South Jamaica, Queens in the 1980s during the peak of the crack cocaine epidemic. His mother Sabrina was just 15 when she gave birth to him, and she turned to dealing drugs soon after.

With his mother working, 50 was raised primarily by his grandparents. But the environment of poverty and violence surrounding him was inescapable.

When 50 was just 8 years old, his mother was murdered in a drug-related killing. The loss shaped 50’s outlook and inspired him to pursue rapping as an escape from crime and poverty.

As a teen, 50 Cent got involved selling drugs himself for a time before refocusing on music. But the tumultuous world he grew up in instilled relentless drive and a survival mentality.

This mentality fueled 50 as he strived to make it big in hip hop. After years of perseverance, his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ became a blockbuster hit.

But 50 never forgot his difficult youth and vows to never struggle again now that he’s found success. This background provides insight into why he prioritizes business and wealth so highly.

Marquise Grew Up in Luxury Thanks to 50’s Wealth

50 Cent’s eldest son Marquise was born in 1997, back when the rapper was just 21 himself. 50 had already split from Marquise’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins well before his career took off.

Marquise spent his early childhood living modestly like 50 had. But by the 2000s, 50’s status as a rap superstar completely transformed his son’s world.

With 50’s net worth skyrocketing into the hundreds of millions, Marquise suddenly found himself living a life of luxury. His father’s wealth provided lavish homes, flashy cars, and endless cash flow.

Marquise became spoiled by the extravagant lifestyle 50’s success afforded him. He developed expensive taste and an entitled mindset early on.

50 made sure to provide Marquise with everything he never had himself. But he now feels this cushy upbringing contributed greatly to their strained relationship once Marquise became a teen.

Painful Reminders of His Own Absent Father

50’s childhood pain related to his own father’s absence may also explain why he takes Marquise’s resentment so personally.

50 never knew his father, who remained anonymous. But it’s believed he was killed in an accident when 50 was just a toddler.

Losing his father so young hurt 50 deeply, and his mother’s murder a few years later made him retreat further into himself. He channeled all his pain into hustling and music.

So for 50 to now have his own son disowning him dredges up deep wounds over his never-present dad. It likely pains 50 to see himself perpetuating this cycle of broken relationships between fathers and sons.

Marquise undoubtedly represents 50’s greatest chance to break that cycle. But their clashing backgrounds and worldviews havebred misunderstanding instead of closeness.

Why Marquise Resents His Father

Now in his mid-20s, Marquise harbors great resentment toward his famous father. He feels 50 was largely an absent figure in his life.

“He was never really there for me,” Marquise said in an interview. “I didn’t have guidance; I didn’t have advice.”

Marquise also feels 50 gave financially but never made the effort to truly know and understand him. Their relationship issues exploded once Marquise became a rebellious teenager.

In interviews, 50 has accused Marquise’s mother Shaniqua of poisoning their son against him. But clearly the lack of fatherly connection weighed heavily on Marquise, driving a deep wedge between them.

Rather than viewing 50’s monetary gifts as love, Marquise craved real quality time and emotional support. Without that bond nurtured early on, their relationship strained as the years passed.

Now Marquise seems embittered by the lavish lifestyle 50’s success afforded him but also denied him of a present father figure. Their vicious cycle of public feuding stems from this unresolved disconnect.

Why 50 Feels Hurt by His Son’s Actions

In recent years, 50 has made his grievances with Marquise painfully apparent as well. He feels deeply hurt by his son’s entitled attitude and scathing remarks.

Marquise has taunted his father in interviews and repeatedly criticized him online for not providing larger financial support since coming of age.

But 50 feels these demands come across as Marquise viewing him chiefly as an ATM machine, not a father. 50 gave Marquise access to cars, jewelry and cash since he was a child. In his eyes, Marquise should be grateful for all he provided given his own impoverished upbringing.

Their toxic back-and-forth on social media indicates 50 may have tried buying Marquise’s affection when what his son craved was simply his time and affection. Now in 50’s eyes, Marquise has crossed the line from typical teenage rebellion into ungrateful disrespect.

Unable to see eye-to-eye, resentments have festered for years, causing major estrangement. But hope remains that 50 and Marquise can find enough common ground to move forward if both make an effort.

Is There Hope for Reconciliation?

The key to reconciling will require 50 and Marquise reevaluating their positions. 50 needs to understand that no amount of luxury can replace involved parenting and being present, not just financially but emotionally.

Likewise, Marquise may benefit from perspective on what a monumental struggle his father overcame to become so successful and provide him with such abundance.

Marquise was dealt a much better hand in life thanks to 50’s sacrifices. But their strained bond leaves him viewing his father’s gifts as transactional rewards devoid of real love.

Both parties likely bear some fault in letting tensions escalate over the years. But being the elder, 50 faces greater responsibility to take the high road and lead by example, putting ego aside.

If 50 can have an honest dialogue about what he could have done better as a father, it may encourage Marquise to reflect on his own anger issues and sense of entitlement.

50 seems open to reconciliation, but believes Marquise must mature and show accountability first. As Marquise navigates adulthood on his own, life experience may grant him greater compassion.

But Marquise has hinted he may still hold out hope of having an authentic relationship with his dad someday. With his father nearing 50 years old, Marquise may realize that window won’t be open forever.

The Complexities of Father-Son Relationships

50 Cent and Marquise Jackson’s complex dynamic reveals common themes that strain many father-son bonds:

  • Absent fathers unable to balance careers and family
  • Sons feeling neglected and wanting attention
  • Fathers thinking money equals love
  • Sons feeling entitled to privileges and status
  • Losing connection through lack of quality time
  • Letting resentment fester into feuding

The road back from estrangement requires mutual empathy, patience and effort. But many relationships marred by prolonged absence can heal with time.

50 appears open to reconciliation, and Marquise may reach an age when he prioritizes mending their bond over fueling the feud.

With wisdom and humility on both sides, 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson could still transform their role as father and son into the most valued title of all.


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