By: Maxwell Nsama
Monday || March 28th, 2022.

It’s a long story but I will cut it short… Barbra Musamba Chama has been against my political stance to support and defend Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba for PF President.

She came to my inbox trying to tell me all sort of foolish lies – illusions against Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba killed Chiluba and Sata but I asked her to prove evidence as well as to where Pres. Chiluba was when died? What killed, who was with him?… She failed to provide the answers.

When I didn’t agree with her… She began accusing me of being frustrated-insane and many UPND think that I am insane and after she pist me off… I told her off that UPND will mess up big time and then we blocked each other… But she felt defeated and was hurting and due to her failed mission to convince me that Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba is a what she paint him to be like she always says… She went on to contact a certain Defence Chief (ZNS) of whom I happen to be in contact with on the quest to turn him against me and when that General came out so unwise to complain to why I posted his pic in uniform on fb page as if I am the first and only one to ever post a pic of him when there are tons of his pics posted on social media.

When I told that General that energy (influence) was coming from Barbra Musamba Chama, he felt embarrassed-ashamed and him and Barbra began to contact my relatives to try and stop me from criticizing the UPND and participating in Political & Governance issues… These two have been threatening my relatives hence causing confusion among relatives but that does not bother me because I am not a dependent to be manipulated by my relatives.

They have since been cooking up foolish stories against me but that wont work on me because I am not moved by foolishness especially if the foolishness were to shut me up because I only get worse. Barbra Musamba Chama is liar, manipulator, gossiper/slanderer, accuser and bully who will do and say anything to satisfy herself and enjoys to pick up fights with people but picking a fight with me was a terrible mistake because she will wish she never knew me. You can’t use my relatives to get to me because that doesn’t work on me.


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