Why Botswana singer Vee Mampeezy is divorcing wife Kagiso Sento

Following news of one of Botswana's favourite couple's divorce, Odirile 'Vee Mampeezy' Sento has accused his wife Kagiso Sento of binge drinking and infidelity.

Following news of one of Botswana’s favourite couple’s divorce, Odirile ‘Vee Mampeezy’ Sento has accused his wife Kagiso Sento of binge drinking and infidelity.

In his affidavit, the Kwaito Kwasa sensation tells the court that he has been staying in hotels and friends homes for some time.

The two have been married to his since 2014 in community of property. However in March 2022, the two filed to vary marital regime to that of out of community property.

Vee Mampeezy tells the court he vehemently believes his wife was cheating on him. “The plaintiff has solid suspicion of the defendant’s infidelity. The above behavior has killed all the love and trust that the plaintiff has for the defendant and it accordingly has killed the parties marriage.”

The Taku taku hitmaker further accuses Kagiso of drinking too much alcohol and physically abusing him.

“The defendant has a habit of excessively consuming intoxicating substances, thereby affecting the lives of the parties, which usually ends with disagreements and assaults by the defendant and police officers are called to de-escalate the situation.”

“For the past years, the plaintiff (Vee Mampeezy) would be flee the matrimonial home seeking residence from friends homes and hotels, and then return to the parties matrimonial home when the parties had reconciled,” reads Vee Mampeezy’s declaration in part.

The celebrity couple have between them two minor children, whom Vee Mampeezy pleads with the court that their guardianship should be given to his parents. “It would be in the best interest of the minor children that custody be awarded to the plaintiff’s parents.

The plaintiff’s parents have been the minor children’s primary caretakers of the firstborn since 2008 and the second born since 2020.”

Vee Mampeezy continues to reveal that the children have not been living with the couple due to the toxicity of their relationship.

“The marriage between the plaintiff and the defendant has broken down irretrievably on account of the defendants unreasonable behavior.

“This unreasonable behaviour has made it unbearable for the plaintiff to continue living with the defendant. Moreover, the plaintiff cannot be reasonably expected to continue living with the defendant.”


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