Why is Bishop Banda quiet about boys being raped by Catholic priests – Laura Miti

Lusaka Archdiocese His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Alick Banda

Laura Miti

Lusaka Archbishop, Alick Banda,
is railing against homesexuality in Zambia. Somehow, he has concluded that government is responsible for people being gay.

Now, the Catholic Church is the single foremost institution, in the world, guilty of systemic and systematic homesexual abuse of boys. Down the centuries, Priests and Bishops have raped tens of thousands of boys, and the church responded by protecting those clergy against consequences.

The historical, and very probably ongoing, crimes against children are so dire that Pope Francis penned an apology to the 1000 known victims of priest rape in Pensylvennia. The Pope said, “with shame and repentance, we acknowledge…… the magnitude and damage done to so many lives.” He further says “we showed no care for the little ones, we abandoned them.”

With that background, it is eyebrow raising that an individual, who feels so strongly about sex between willing adults of the same sex, is still in a church and job that is synonymous with homosexual rape.

Also problematic, is that the Archbishop has never, like the Pope, acknowledged or discussed this matter happening in his ambit of control. Never apologised to Zambian altar boys and other children, who almost certainly were raped, in the systemic sexual rampage that happened in the worldwide Catholic Church.

Archbishop Banda, however, finds it possible, and honourable, to command that an accusatory letter against people who have done nothing to perpetuate gay rights, as he claims, be read in all parishes in his control.

Ndiye vamene timakamba chabe ati kaya vaso.


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