Why Is Nalumango In Lusaka And Hakainde Hichilema In Dubai Attending Meetings When The Country Is Facing A Disaster? – Given Lubinda

Given Lubinda


…..says if it had happened during PF, it would have been declared a national disaster and declared national mourning…

Patriotic Front Vice President Given Lubinda has described as totally diabolical the minimal attention being given to the mining disaster that has claimed multiple lives in Chingola.

Speaking this afternoon at the PF Secretariat, Mr Lubinda expressed worry with the manner the Chingola open pit mine disaster is being handled by the country’s leadership.

Mr Lubinda said last time something similar happened was during the reign of First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and the then head of state left everything he was doing in order to mourn with the Zambians.

“The last time we had such an accident in Zambia, was in 1970 and 87 lives were lost in Muflira… Dr Kenneth Kaunda had to leave whatever he was doing, he went and camped on the Copperbelt for a week and went and visited the homes of every victim and yet today, this is the third day going, we haven’t heard about any political leadership that has been provided in Chingola” Mr Lubinda said.

The PF Vice President wonders why Vice President Mrs Nalumango is in Lusaka and not in Chingola to commensurate with the families of the victims of the disaster.

“Where is she? She’s acting President and here in Lusaka instead of going to communicate with the people in Chingola.” He said.

“President Hakainde is in Dubai, having meetings in Dubai instead of coming back to Zambia to come and face the challenges people are facing, the lives that are lost in Chingola, are Zambian lives and there is nothing more precious than one Zambian life.” Mr Lubinda added.

He further said that with the number of people that have been lost it is expected of the President to prioritize mourning with Zambians as the occurrence is a national disaster.

“President Hakainde Hichilema is in Dubai, having meetings in Dubai instead of coming back to Zambia to come and face the challenge that his people are facing.” He said.

And the PF Veep also assured that if the disaster had occurred during the PF’s days, it would have been declared a national disaster and a week of national mourning would have been put in place.

“Had that happened during the reign of the Patriotic Front, I can assure you that we’d have declared that a national disaster and we’d have declared a week of national mourning.” He said


  1. Crocodile tears by Given Lubinda who only sees political advantage from the death of illegal miners who were tresspassing on private property and then met disaster. No parallel with Mufulira underground mine disaster of 1971 which claimed 89 lives of Roan Consolidated Mines miners. The Minister of Mines Paul Kabuswe has been to the scene of the disaster, as has the Minister for Copperbelt Elisha Matambo.There’s a recovery operation going on to account for every missing person.

    • The youths lost their lives because of economic hardships that UPND have failed to sort out. As the results the youths are involved in illegal mining. The government should have sympathy with the struggling youths and should be seen to be in forefronts to morn with them and their families. It looks like the government doesn’t care because they are illegal miner. Shame on them! What Lubinda is saying here is right and it happens in all nations that have leadership that cares for every citizens live.

  2. It’s really sad as a country to loss life like that,but it’s one and the same thing even if he comes back they will not wakeup. The vise president is available

  3. I think we must be honest and objective when approaching such matters. In the first place, the deceased were engaged in illegal activities and their perishing does not alter this fact.

    So ba Moses economic hardships do not justify illegal activities.

    As for bo Lubinda, he is being his usual emotional self, devoid of logic. If the President comes back and goes to Chingola, what will it achieve? Why declare a period of national mourning for people who were engaged in illegal activities?

    The problem with PF is that lawlessness is normal for them and law breakers are heroes.

    In case bo Lubinda has missed my point, declaring a period of national mourning would be giving tacit support to illegal mining. The loss of life is regrettable but it does not change the facts of their circumstances.


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