Why is PF celebrating the hurdles debt restructuring?- Luara Miti


Why is PF celebrating the hurdles debt restructuring?

By Luara Miti

The reason I find the current PF leaders so distasteful is stuff such as their ability to celebrate hurdles in the path to the country’s debt restructuring.

This debt has cast a dark cloud over our nation in the last few years. We can’t deliver the services Zambians deserve.

It is a debt that was recklessly contracted by the PF, despite loud warnings and protestations from the public, and then largely wasted or directed into private pockets.

That the PF can make even a sound about the debt restructuring turns the stomach.


  1. I have repeatedly said, let these idiots be locked up enmasse, let them be guilty until proven innocent. Anyone who cannot disclose what they stole and surrender everything must remain in prison, everyone who discloses and surrenders everything, must serve a year up to three years depending on how big the theft was. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. This actually shows PF want power just for the sake of it!!
    These are people known all over the civilised world as conmen looters and corrupt elements they have no goodwill neither the skill to come and do anything on the debt even if given the chance.No one trusts them.
    So these individuals like mwamba membe and Co celebrating these hurdles show just how shallow they can stoop!!

  3. Please Zambians, even if the Dollar hits K100, please don’t go backwards to PF otherwise you will fall into the bottomless PF Abyss!
    Give back power to PF and they will make sure the don’t lose it again!
    Tababwelela kunuma!
    If HH fails, try someone else, eg Dr Lubinda Habazoka!


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