By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

1. $50m fertilizer scandal where fertilizer worth $250 per tonne in Dubai is single sourced for $1,407 per tonne through a UPND cadre. Worse still the lack of any effort at all to punish this illegality.

2. Expansionary budget which has seen increase of CDF and a ballooning cabinet, too many PS’s with no offices, too many senior employees at State House and the proposed recruitment of 30,000 teachers and 11,200 health professionals they have lost confindence in this regime.

3. Unprecedented K2,400,000 consent by Attorney General awarded to an ally of the President fo le wrongful detention.

4. Reports of torture of a murder suspect as well as a trumped up charge of murder slapped on a political opponent.

5. Leaked audio recordings of senior State House and Government officials plotting to kill democracy whilst implicating the President and Vice. A recording which has not led to any disciplinary actions.

6. Another deliberate ploy to weaken the opposition and kill democracy by suspending majority opposition members of parliament from the house by a partisan speaker who metes out the maximum punishment on first time wrong doers.

7. $230m oil supply contracts awarded to another ally of the President who purchased the red treason prison jacket. This is regardless of the fact that the man in question has never supplied fuel anywhere before neither does he know where to buy it from as his background is farming and selling toner catridges, pencils and compact discs.

8. Constant diverting of funds released by treasury under one expenditure but repurposed to unplanned expenditure for example there is no budget line for police officers to line the streets in the morning, lunch time and evening everyday for the Presidents safe passage, in fact the resources spent on route lining and fuel for the motorcade alone so far is enough to have built a new official presidential residence.


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