Chishala Kateka asks why President Hichilema summoning Kakubo instead of DEC OR ACC?

She writes :-

Good morning fellow Zambians.

A day after Christmas and we are met with this.

The question that analytical Zambians should be asking is:-

Why is HH summoning Kakubo and not the ACC?

Is this what is meant by the word ‘selective’?

Remember that this Kakubo gentleman is the that self same man of the Sinoma calendar and pen in a briefcase situation. He claimed to receive the calendar from Chinese company, 4 months into the new year.

The President believed his story then.

Let us see what yarn he will spin to the President now.


…video and documents show he collected $200,000 and a luxury car from a Chinese national…

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo is in a new scandal.

He received $200,000 and a luxury Mercedes Benz for the sale of a mine he claimed he owns in Kasempa District.

Kakubo of NRC 235416/68/1 received the money from Zhang Lianan of Lianan Mining Ltd.of Kitwe.

Kakubo also signed proof of receipt of the money.

A short video was also taken as he was collecting the money.

On Easter holidays of April 2022, Kakubo was seen leaving Sinoma Cement premises.

After the pictures emerged of him leaving with a noticeably heavy parcel, he claimed it was a calendar and diary he had collected from Sinoma. He couldn’t explain why he was collecting calendars four months after they were distributed.


  1. I keep saying our mines are not safe at all. We have conmen and thieves in government. This scandal is just the tip. There is mega corruption and theft going on under this cowboy.

    As I said yesterday in response to a tribalist dull blogger called Sitali, the fight against conmen is not easy. He and his fellow praise singers call us patriots names like tribalist, or PF, just to silence us. If we become silent, then the thieves win. They will continue stealing our resources unchecked.

    Wake up citizens, we voted for worse thieves in 2021. KK warned us about him.

      • Iwe Bob our country is being looted while you idiots defend that conman Hakainde. As I told you and Sitali yesterday, we patriots call it as we see it. It will not end well for that cowboy, I can promise you that. Even when he runs to Panama, we will follow him and smoke him out again like a diseased mad cow. This is no a time to be endorsing graft. Your ka small god is the richest man in Zambia, but why does he want more money? To do what with? Busy stealing and send money abroad on his numerous fake trips abroad.

  2. Nothing wrong with the supervisor summoning his subordinate to account for the alleged deviation from the code of conduct! This is what a good supervisor does before they take action!
    Did you expect the Supervisor to act on rumours?
    Natural Justice demands that the accused be heard before any action is taken.
    ACC can come in at any time!
    What we need for this country to make progress is to go back to KK’s code of conduct for those in public service!
    Why should we have a serving cabinet Minister also serving as director of his personal company?
    Is this not how conflict of interests and corruption starts?
    If Kakubobwas Minister in China, he was going to be facing Execution!
    If HH does not fire Kakubo this time, he will be sending a clear message about the existence of rampant corruption in his Administration!

  3. I am sure DEC and the relevant security wings are on the case already.

    I don’t see anything wrong in HH summoning someone he appointed to a very high position who has failed. HH merely wants to express his personal disappointment in the individual.

    Besides, HH is Commander in Chief of Security Wings and armed forces. No harm in him wanting to hear what prompted his minister to behave in the manner he did before handing him over to the police or DEC.

    • Kikikikiki. Ati DEC and relevant security wings are on the case. Are you sure? Jangulo issue is silent until UPND are out of power that’s when the so called security wings will wake up.

  4. Why does Chishala Kateka think that HH hasn’t asked ACC or DEC to establish the truth for the President? Let’s wait for the facts to be brought out. If it’s true that the Minister of FA& IC is involved, he’s definitely on his way out of Cabinet.

    • Are you insinuating that Hakainde instructs the ACC and DEC which cases to investigate?

      If that is indeed your assertion, then I think it is correct. And that is part of the problem.

      • Yes, every head of state can ask the ACC or DEC to investigate an issue and report to them. It’s the same as any member of the public, you included, reporting suspected illegalities. At the end of the day it’s the DEC or ACC to prove the allegations to a court of law and not the person who reported. You don’t seem to know simple truths about how your country is run and has been run all these years. Some reports of suspected corruption go straight to the President and the President in turn asks relevant institutions to establish the facts.

        • I fully understand how it works, but better still, I fully understand HOW IT SHOULD WORK.

          At least you have confirmed that the ACC and DEC are not, and never been, independent, regardless of what our leaders claim in public.

          That is the reason why only enemies of the president, of the day, are only ever investigated.

          • Downright piffle. No President of the Republic of Zambia investigates corruption. He only receives reports and evidence of corruption. What do you think happens if the person reporting is a head of state of another country? He would report to his Zambian counterpart who would then refer it to relevant institutions to dig up the facts.

  5. Sure is it possible for an Director to have such a hand written note involving such amount of money
    And sale of such a property….
    Not even a letterhead….i feel something is wrong somewhere.

  6. When some people are so desperate they resort to all the tactics, Bally naba pesha amano. Actually everything seems to be wrong here. The Minister given dollars but receiving kwacha. You don’t see his face in the video, computers are there but using hand written agreements. The so called Benz is not shown, only the RTSA form.

    • So you wanted the video to show his penus for you to confirm it is really the minister? Even if the video showed his full face, you would say it is not conclusive because the video did not show his teeth, or something else silly.

      These conmen think voters are stupid. These same voters removed the once mighty PF that terrorised citizens. Removing UPND will be like a walk in the park.

      Just carry on treating voters like cows. They will have the last moo.

  7. Some of you commentators here are not even bringing sense to this issue. All I can read is pure malice and hate for HH. True the story says dollars but it s kwacha being paid out. Why is the face of the accused hidden also of the Chinese national. Each step HH takes or makes there are people to object. Hate is real and tribal as I v read HH being referred to as a cow or cow boy. Stop it please we have only one Zambia.

    • Just look the other way if you endorse corruption and illegality. Hakainde is the second biggest cattle rancher in Zambia. A person that herds cows called a cowboy. Hakainde is a cowboy. Should I really be explaining what a cowboy is to you ?

      I have not heard anyone on this forum call Hakainde a cow. Not even by his most fiest critics. It makes no sense to do so. Because is he not a cow. Cowboy though, yes he is a big one! In every sense of that word as defined in the Oxford dictionary. Look it up.

      You will not silence any patriot by calling them tribalist, so that your conmen leaders continue to plunder unchecked. We know your pathetic tactics of crying tribalism everytime you get caught with pants down. Now your pants are down permanently hence your constant screams of tribalism.


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