Why should people be forced to stay in the village just because they have failed to govern this country?- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


It is becoming clear everyday that Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his league usually speak without thinking.

Typical of liars, now that they stand exposed and embarrassed by their lies and misinformation, they are now urging the very people they promised paradise in rural areas to stay where they are – villages.

Has Mr Hichilema and this corrupt puppet regime taken time to study the causes of rural urban migration? If staying in villages amidst the poverty, neglect and hardship they have inflicted on the people was that easy, why didn’t they themselves stay in Bweengwa?

We urge Mr Hichilema and the UPND to be true leaders of the people and fulfill the promises that they made to our people. Let them improve the quality of life in our rural communities and people will have no cause of shifting to urban areas.

Zambians are tired of their arrogance. Why should people be forced to stay in the village just because they have failed to govern this country? They are a greedy and incompetent government that has failed its citizens.

Fred M’membe.
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Fred is dying of bitterness! It really pains him that HH is in state house! Honestly, the president was advising that if you have nothing to do in town , don’t go there! Can you imagine your relative coming to town with no plan of easter he is coming to do? Fred will die in 2026 because of bitterness. No opposition leader can match HH at the moment.

  2. Why can’t people be advised to stay in the village and become successful farmers than coming into urban areas to do nothing. M’meembe should grow up.

  3. What sort of leader will this man be??ahaha so advising people to be self sufficient is wrong??batata imwe BP YENU YALANINA UKUPATA UMUNENU.
    ahahah actually that’s what we should have been taught as a country this is what can help the country develop
    Just criticising everything is not cool u start sounding like a hater not a politician
    Actually HH has stabilised what could have been a disaster of an economy had the PF chaps not lost.
    Let’s be real!!

    • MMEMBE you will not and never achieve anything by your hetrade of HH he is ruling but yiwe you will never be president of zambia but president of your collapsed post news paper which was closed by lungu and his paefu group because of your crookedness of tax evasion.

      HH is the President of this Nation called Zambia. But you, you will remain in the shadow and listening to your master Lucifer and he will one day crush you.

      Ulupato kwati mbuya yobe Satan owo wufwala mukasote. WUKAFWAPO NA BP. HH will not even waste his useful time listening to you, he is focused resolving issues yama KALOBA your friends ba PIEFU bakongwele kubengi and made this country to pay.

      You will remain in the shadow. Looking like a rat wondering in a house.

  4. It is like you being a child of an immigrant in the UK and occupying an influential position in government. Then you want to slam the door in the faces of those from outside who also want to live in the UK by saying they should go live in Rwanda. We have seen it with the former UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman, UK Prime Minister Sunak. We are seeing it even here in Zambia with our native rulers.

    • Africa will remain empoverished if we continue running away from our continent to go and live in those small flats in London and to be barmen guards sweepers beggers and welfare recipients.
      Only hard work will develop this continent my farm manager is British so have done reverse immigration. Lol
      Let’s shake of this idea that we must be in the west or town to get rich it’s the opposite.
      Most freinds I was with at varsity who went to UK and laughed at me for remaining come back from UK with fake accents and nice shoes and broke
      While I had acquired assets they could only dream of an operating a relatively successful business employing well over a 100 people.
      Let’s shake off complexes that’s what this mmmebe has and mentality PF chaps had getting rich without work!!Riches are in the land!!
      The Tswana go tonthe villages every weekend to work and farm us we watch lights in Cairo Road we shall remain poor!!

    • Your comparison though you tell me if you don’t have papers to get employed I the uk but end up living on the streets and begging should you be encouraged to go to the UK
      Same here in zambia why should you migrate into town without a plan ? No possibilities of you getting a job if you are lucky you get employed as a house boy or garden boy then live in a ramshackle with no proper sanitary conditions but exposed to cholera why should you wait until such a time that when you migrate into urban area you will live a decent life void of expose to these diarrhea disease

  5. Sir, sometimes let certain issues pass without commenting on them. Otherwise, you will become as irrelevant as Mr Zero.
    You don’t need to comment on trivial issues like this simple advice.

  6. M’membe, your chronic jealousitis has made you stop thinking. This Cholera outbreak in Zambia is nothing compared to what was in Malawi and Zimbabwe, it’s not even half of what we saw in the two countries. You should be telling your friend Mnangagwa if he is the one who failed. People who think I depended of jealousy know that advising people to stay in the village is not force, it’s simply an advice and there is nothing they have failed or anything to embarrass them. Did the Minister force or evict anyone from town sent that person to the village? Health wise, the village which we call country side is many times better than the urban area. Don’t you know that oxygen comes from green leafy trees? In the village you breath original fresh air straight from the trees instead of the urban air polluted with fumes from vehicles and industries. People are better off in the village if they don’t have means of sustaining themselves in town. During pandemics or outbreaks, some people don’t even need or wait to be told, they flee to the village on their own as we saw during the covid era.

  7. Ba M’membe these cholera cases did not start today and will not end as long as you keep politicking, thereby misleading people. Most of the big compounds surrounding big cities in Zambia use pit latrines because of lack of sewerage infrastructure. And that is probably 55-60% of the population. How many pit latrines can one build around homes before you start facing cholera calamities. We need sewage and piped water to solve these problems. Sanitation by the council waste collection, bins in all areas and teaching people good hygiene will help. Superficial cleaning of the cities won’t stop cholera. Cholera is a water bone disease that thives were there’s poor water sanitation especially were drinking water mixes with fickle mater. This issue requires big money to build new sewage systems, repair broken sewage pipes and drainage systems. All the homes need running water and should be connected to the sewerage system. That’s how our friends live in the waste. South Africa experienced cholera this year because of corruption. The tender they gave to a person to upgrade the sewage system North of Pretoria ate the money and after years the sewage started overflowing mixing with drinking water. Perhaps as a temporary measure the government can try and supply people in the areas affected with water from tankers. It’s not everything that needs stupid articles. You need to know what the real problem is. You can’t over night construct sewerage infrastructure, connect everyone and supply clean piped water. The informal housing houses 80% of the population. This problem goes back to the Kaunda days. Most site and services townships are not connected to the council sewage system.

  8. If you have nothing to offer to make your party attractive it’s better to shut up. I know that in my village, they keep their environment much cleaner than the squalor people live in in these unplanned compounds. Why don’t you want your people to return to their villages? Would you rather they live my compound in urban areas and beg you for mealie meal? In villages everyone has their own field where they grow crops for own consumption.

  9. No law has been passed to compel people to live in villages. Such a law would conflict with the freedom of movement right in the principal law of the land. There’s no issue here. These are words spoken by a President facing a cholera crisis and are not to be taken seriously.

  10. People choose to live where they see opportunities for themselves. Some see opportunities for themselves in urban areas, others in rural areas. Yet others see opportunities for themselves in the developed world. Julius Nyerere tried to force Tanzanians into Ujaama collectivist villages. It never worked. Towards the end of his rule, KK’s Back-to-the- Land campaign started bearing the marks of a forced repatriation. There were rumuors of people in Lusaka shanties arming themselves to their teeth to resist repatriation if KKs programme were going to be implemented. Fred has lived long enough to understand what he is talking about. The talk by Masebo and HH that rural people remain where they are and do not come to live in shanties in town seems to suggest that the poor rural people or people living in shanties are dirty and they are the ones responsible for cholera. That those who live in low density areas are all clean and do not contribute to cholera. It is an insult to poor Zambians from rural areas and those in shanties. What water and sanitation facilities does government even make available to Zambians in shanties?

  11. As usual no indication of what plans the Socialist Party has in relation to improving the lives of Zambians!!

    It is condemnation after condemnation.


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