Why should UPND be electing leaders for PF, asks Kang’ombe


Why should UPND be electing leaders for PF, asks Kang’ombe

By Fanny Kalonda

WE will not allow democracy to die simply because UPND has underperformed, says Kamfinsa PF member of parliament Christopher Kang’ombe.

He said people are mentioning Patriotic Front saying the current ones have failed to govern the country.

Kang’ombe said people want to go back to the Patriotic Front, “that is why the UPND is panicking.”

“I am aware that there are those who think that we cannot decide to protect our destiny as a country. Democracy is what we chose in 1991. How can the UPND begin electing leaders for ourselves? We are Patriotic Front, article 60 of the republican Constitution is very clear that it is the members of that political party who should decide who should be their leader. Why should the UPND be electing leaders for the patriotic front?” he asked. “We will not allow it and I want to say it again, if the courts of law do not give us justice we will give ourselves justice.”

Kang’ombe said former president Edgar Lungu’s words are the assurances that the members of the Patriotic Front were looking for.

He said all the youths wanted to hear is the voice of assurance that Lungu was with them to fight and return the status of the Patriotic Front.

Kang’ombe stressed that if the justice system does not “give us justice, we will give ourselves justice”.

“Youths from the 116 districts were waiting for that voice of assurance. The voice that when we are called to battle your excellency, we will stand with you. The call to battle that we will not allow the Patriotic Front to die. Ici icipani (This party) your excellency some of us it’s the only political party we’ve belonged to and we have no intention of going to any other political party and because of that resolution your excellency…” Kang’ombe assured Lungu on Friday. “The word that ‘if justice cannot be provided by the courts of law we will give ourselves justice’, I want to repeat abakumafunde ku court ngatabatupele justice, if they don’t allow justice to prevail, we will give ourselves justice. I want to appeal to the members of the Patriotic Front konse ukomuli (wherever you are) ku Chipata, ku Kitwe, Chingola, Chililabombwe, Livingstone, Solwezi, wherever you are as a member of the Patriotic Front we will fight for our democracy. We will not allow democracy to die simply because the UPND has underperformed.”

But chief government spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said lawlessness will not be tolerated in Zambia.

“There is no single day that we in the opposition called for citizens that if justice cannot be given to us, we are going to give justice to ourselves. There is no single day when we as citizens called for the country to rise against a government using any other means beyond the means that are available to communicate to government and the citizens in the manner that president Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in the manner that honourable member for Kamfinsa honourable Kang’ombe called for the nation yesterday (Friday) to say if we cannot get justice through the judiciary we shall give it to ourselves. And president lungu said if we cannot get justice through the judiciary, through our justice means, through available political means, then God help us. What does he mean?” asked Mweetwa. “We want to call on the citizens of this country to be calm in the midst of heightened political calls by the opposition to make this country ungovernable. Your government is in place and lawlessness will not be tolerated in Zambia. This is a government that rules by law not by the will and whims and caprices of men.”-The Mast


  1. I used to respecting this boy I thought he had brains unfortunately the boy is outdated, the same PF criminals appointed richwell siamunene,poniso njewe and dawnson kafwaya are you telling that PF criminals failed to run the country? these were upnd members.

  2. I am also one of the people who used to hold this young man in very high esteem, kanshi I was terribly wrong. What comparison has he got when he says UPND has underperformed? Does he live in another country? He’s even failing to spend or utilize the CDF for his constituency and he is saying UPND has failed. Te ukutumpa fye uko nomba? Ask people like Sunday Chanda who are blessed with knowledge and wisdom, they will tell you.

  3. This young man is one of the PF mps who are deliberately blocking the utilisation of CDF in their constituencies so that the UPND government is perceived to be underperforming. But they won’t fool anyone because CDF is has become a real game changer. Tell Hon. Sunday Chanda that CDF is not working and he for sure tell you to grow up, swallow your shame and admit that the UPND has done more in two years than the ten wasted years of PF in pow
    And the people Kangombe is claiming to be clamouring for PF are actually those cadres who used to survive on crumbs that dropped from the tables of PF criminals in high offices.

  4. A write-up devoid of facts but full of unsubstantiated out-bursts. Please when putting such issues we urge you to be specific with verifiable evidence so that we readers can make rational decisions.


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