Why Sierra Leone has imposed a nationwide curfew


Sierra Leone is on curfew because some armed men broke into a prison and let the prisoners go free.

Prisoners from Central Padema Road prison in the city of Freetown were let go on Sunday morning, a person in charge at the prison told BBC News.

Before, armed men had attacked a military base in the city.

People who live nearby heard gunshots at the barracks, which are near the president’s house.

After the attack, the Ministry of Information said everyone in the country should stay inside right away.

President Julius Maada Bio said everything is peaceful now and the police are looking for the people who did the shooting.

The BBC’s reporter Umaru Fofana, who works in Freetown, says that there is still trouble in the city.

He saw soldiers with big guns in a captured police car, and heard others saying they wanted to “clean Sierra Leone”.

In June, President Julius Maada Bio won the election again after almost having to compete in a run-off.

Several countries in West and Central Africa are now ruled by the military after a series of coups, including Guinea.


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