Why Sunday Chanda is a Beacon of Exemplary Leadership Among our MPs

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Why Sunday Chanda is a Beacon of Exemplary Leadership Among our MPs”

By Daimone Siulapwa

In Zambia, the role of Members of Parliament (MPs) is very important in shaping the destiny of their constituency and that of our country.

The foundational principle that guides their responsibilities is a solemn oath to serve both their constituents and the greater national interest.

The struggles faced by many citizens are closely tied to the disappointing performance of Members of Parliament (MPs) and regrettably, a significant portion of MPs seems to lose sight of their primary duty—to serve as the voice and advocate for the people who entrusted them with their votes.

Once within the corridors of Parliament, the collective memory of their constituents often fades, overshadowed by personal ambitions and political maneuvering.

They spend valuable time engaging in irrelevant political maneuvers. Additionally, the lack of commitment to extensive reading and research leaves them ill-prepared with the knowledge needed for effective governance.

Moreover, there is a noticeable absence of the passion or determination needed to champion for services and resources for their constituencies.

This is where the commendable efforts of Sunday Chanda shine through. Unlike many others, Chanda actively works to secure the services and resources that would benefit the people he represents in Kanchibiya constituency.

However, some individuals may unjustly label him as a “bootlicker,” revealing a misunderstanding of the responsibilities of an MP. Chanda’s dedication to the well-being of his constituents is a testament to his commitment to effective representation.

Being an MP from the opposition does not imply working against the government or boycotting to deliver services critically needed to your constituency. Such thinking is what has delayed development and essential services for our people. Service delivery to our people must transcend our political affiliations or personal ambitions.

The primary duty of an MP is to deliver tangible benefits to their constituents. In the Zambian context, where diverse needs and aspirations clash, an effective MP must navigate the difficult web of challenges to bring about positive change.

Sunday Chanda, through his unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, has demonstrated that the people come first. A distinguishing trait of an exceptional MP is the ability to transcend political affiliations and work for the collective good of all Zambians.

When a president assumes office, the mandate is clear – to serve the entire nation irrespective of party lines. MPs, as representatives of the people, ought to emulate this inclusive democratic requirement.

Sunday Chanda’s approach mirrors this principle, as he prioritizes the welfare of his constituency and the people of Zambia, irrespective of their political beliefs, if anything he stands out a model MPS even surpassing those that come from the ruling party, the UPND.

Upon taking the oath of office, MPs pledge allegiance to the constitution, the president, and the Bible. This solemn commitment signifies a sacred obligation to uphold the values of justice, equality, integrity and democracy.

Sunday Chanda, in his capacity as an MP, has translated this oath into action. His dedication to constitutional principles and ethical governance sets a commendable standard for others to follow.

Having been voted in office on the ticket of the opposition has not stopped him from delivering for his constituency.

Sunday Chanda’s exemplary leadership extends beyond rhetoric; it is underscored by tangible accomplishments that have positively impacted the lives of people in Kanchibiya constituency.

The delivery of essential services, infrastructure development, and advocacy for social welfare programs mark his tenure as a model of effective representation.

One cannot overlook the importance of hard work in the realm of politics, where the complexities of governance demand diligence and commitment. Sunday Chanda’s work ethic is a testament to the transformative power of earnest effort.

In the broader context of Zambian politics, Sunday Chanda serves as a beacon of hope for those who aspire to elevate public service above partisan interests.

His ability to navigate the complicated political landscape while keeping the people of Kanchibiya at the forefront is a lesson for emerging leaders.

The positive impact of a hardworking MPs goes beyond their immediate constituency; it resonates at the national level.

By prioritizing the welfare of the people, Sunday Chanda contributes to the larger goal of nation-building. His dedication to democratic ideals and governance transcends the narrow confines of political expediency.

Sunday Chanda’s role as a model MP underscores the positive influence that hardworking representatives can have on the political landscape.

As we continue to navigates the difficulties of our democratic journey as a country, leaders like Sunday Chanda serve as beacons of hope, exemplifying the transformative power of dedicated public service.

It is imperative that the nation recognizes and emulates such figures, for they represent the essence of true leadership – a commitment to the people and the ideals that bind the nation together.

We encourage the good people of Kanchibiya constituency to retain Sunday Chanda for the next term as he has already earned his stripes and votes.


Daimone Siulapwa is the Editor-in-Chief of The Voice Newspaper. He is also a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to dsiulapwa@gmail.com


  1. Chanda knows who sent him to parliament and why?

    But some idiots have chosen to provoke the speaker so that they are sent away and deprive their constituences the representation they deserve. What do you call those rascals? Answer=STUPID IDIOTS. Correct. Kikikikiki.


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