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The Drug Enforcement Commission – DEC yesterday announced the arrest of Football Association of Zambia President Andrew Kamanga and three others on charges of money laundering related offences and defrauding Government.

DEC investigations revealed that the suspects while acting together obtained K341, 902.00 from the Government of the Republic of Zambia under false pretences. This money was purportedly allocated as allowances for Madalitso Kamanga and Jairos Siame to attend the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). The allowances were transferred into their personal accounts with each one (Madalitso and Jairos) getting K170, 951.00. Furthermore, the duo also obtained return tickets valued at K99,980.00.

Unfortunately this news has seen a certain sector of people from the former ruling party pointing fingers at FC MUZA proprietor Keith Mweemba who they accuse of trying to fight Andrew Kamanga by using the ruling Government. Surely how unreasonable can some people be? It would appear this propaganda is being spread bumpy only the former ruling party members who want to gain cheap political mileage but also by the sympathisers of the victims’ camp. This is clear from certain social media postings in various fora.

Let me give you a brief background of Keith Mweemba:

Keith Mweemba who is also popularly known as Bebeto in the football circles is a lawyer by profession and a former football player who played for Mazabuka United and Lusaka Dynamos Football Club apart from his exploits at UNZABOLA in his hey days as a student of law at the University of Zambia (UNZA).

Following his love for football, Keith formed a club which was named Manchester United Zambian Academy (FC MUZA) which later rebranded to Maestro United Zambia (FC MUZA) in the 2019 transition league. In its few years of existence, FC MUZA cemented its place as one of the strongest contenders in the Zambian Super League and have represented the country in continental football straight from being promoted from national division one league, a rare feat of achievement in Zambian football history.

FC MUZA is arguably the best run Football Club which is sponsored by an individual in Zambia. Running football is an expensive venture and such people deserve commendation and not politicking against them. Why even attack a person who has no means of defending himself from lies? Is that really fair? Social media was not meant to be abused and spread propaganda against innocent people whether it is Keith, Kamanga, Kalusha or anyone else for that matter.

So for those who think Keith Mweemba has only come on the scene recently, think again as the man’s love and passion for Zambian Football is simply unmatchable and his administrative and management skills are second to none. As a human being being he may not be perfect and has weaknesses like any other person but to unfairly attack a person with blatant lies is unprofessional, unethical and extremely unfair. Those who make false claims should produce evidence of his wrong doing using the right channels instead of shooting in the dark all with an aim of discrediting an innocent person. The man’s club is preaching peace and reconciliation and why should other people be promoting hatred and divisions?

Fair journalism or blogging calls for giving the person being attacked an opportunity to be heard from any sort of accusation. It is not good to mislead the public and excite public opinion as propaganda spreads so fast like bush fire. What is so sickening is that tribalism is being brought in the picture of football matters. If we go there, what is the tribal hierarchy presently at FAZ and the associates of the leadership there? The president is Andrew Kamanga, his General Secretary is Reuben Kamanga, his Vice General Secretary is John Msimuko, his co-accused are Madalitso Kamanga and Jairos Siame, all of them coming from one region of Zambia. Should we then make this an issue of tribalism or it is just a coincidence? Judge for yourselves and make your own conclusion. But the truth is that there is definitely no tribalism and nothing tribal in the arrest of the FAZ president and three others.

Other than popular public opinion urging and wanting Keith Mweemba to stand for FAZ presidency as we have been reading on social media the past few years, Keith Mweemba himself has not even declared his interest to contest the FAZ Presidency and he doesn’t even seem to be interested in that position anyway. This game is aimed at discouraging him from expressing his intention in future and the attackers are laying a foundation to justify their unfounded criticisms. This is too cheap to say the least and we encourage the man to reconsider his position if he so wishes much as he loves his club passionately because the country’s football needs his passionate and sacrificial services if need arises. Such people need encouragement and not discouragement.

If Keith wishes to contest, we do not see anything wrong with that because he is a Zambian and he has all the rights to contest that position. He qualifies to do so constitutionally if no one tempers with the constitution as politicians are fond of doing in secular politics to block other candidates who are threats to them.

Come to think of it, if he becomes the next FAZ President he would definitely be our Patrice Motsepe especially if we consider his past successful experience with a club where he is the sole sponsor. We know that he also used to make positive contributions at Lusaka Dynamos. Now imagine with all the Government, FIFA and CAF support at his disposal! The sky is the limit if we all work together in our land of work, and joy in love and unity.



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