Woman admits lying on child’s paternity

PRISCILLA CHIPULU, reports: A MAN’S world has been turned upside down after he learnt that the child he raised as his was in fact for his wife’s boyfriend.

This came to light after John Sapiti, 24, sued his wife Cecila Meleki, 19, in the Chipulukusu Local Court for divorce following marital differences.

Appearing before Magistrates Evelyn Nalwizya and Mildred Namwizye, Sapiti narrated that he married Meleki in 2018 after she claimed that he impregnated her.

“I then presented myself before her parents and I paid K100 dowry. I accepted the responsibility because I was seeing this woman,” he said.

Sapiti said he supported Meleki throughout her pregnancy and after the child was born.

“I took care of the child, I named him, provided like any parent would do but she told me he is not my child


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