By Correspondent

Police in Nyimba District in Eastern Province have arrested a 57 year old woman of Sikwenda village in Chief Ndake’s area for murdering her husband and burying him in a pit latrine.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala says the matter occurred between May 16th and June 6th 2020 saying the suspect Alesiya Lungu allegedly killed her husband Alfred Tembo, aged 56 after a fight.

Mr. Sakala says the suspect buried the body of her husband in an old pit latrine about 20 meters away from their home and later demolished it.

He explained that after villagers noticed that the victim was missing in the village for about 2 weeks, they decided to question the suspect who said her husband had gone to Nyimba Boma for piece work.

Mr. Sakala says on Saturday, June 6th 2020, the villagers became suspicious as to why the accused demolished the pit latrine and that after inspecting it, the discovered a human leg that was protruding in the pit latrine.

He further says the body of the deceased has been retrieved from the pit latrine in a decomposed state and that relatives have been advised to burry and mark the grave awaiting exhumation.

The suspect has since been arrested and is in currently in police custody awaiting court appearance.


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