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I want my girls who have the Bemba/Lozi blood to grow up in a country free of tribalismKangombe
I have been following with a heavy heart of course the efforts by the Patriotic Front to remain in power using divide and rule formulas.

The Patriotic Front came into power in 2011 on pretext that it was a pro-poor party. They promised to uplift the lives of the poor people in the country through job creation, lower taxes and more money for the poor. Just after assuming power we saw the opposite happening. PF started by removing subsidies on a number of commodities causing the cost of doing business to go high. But they managed to convince the people that monies saved from subsidies would go a long way in developing the country. We didn’t know that by ‘country’ they meant PF officials and their friends. To date we don’t know where the funds being saved from subsidies go.

The PF did not end there. They went on to acquire huge loans in the name of euro bonds. They promised to invest these loans in ZESCO and Zambia railways among other sectors so as to improve efficiency and service delivery. Did that happen? Have operations at ZESCO improved? No. In fact ZESCO has become worse than before. Citizens are now experiencing long hours of load shedding and frequent power outages. Most parts of the country still have no access to electricity. Small businesses have have collapsed as a result of this. The poor people have become more poorer. PF has failed to fulfill it’s promises. Where did the money from the euro bonds go? In the pockets of PF officials and their friends. Go round the country see how they are building everywhere. Boot licking ministers who never owned a wheelbarrow today they can afford to buy a hat from the president worth K200,000. Go and check at the files at the anti corruption office, it’s all about government officials facing charges involving millions of dollars. That answers you where the euro bond went.

Time for repayment of loans has come but the government has no money because they did not invest the funds wisely. Now they go back to poor people who they forgot when they were stealing asking them now to pay back the loans. People are forced to pay back loans through high taxes, high fuel prices and high electricity tariffs. The poor people are now paying for the loans that were shared by PF criminals. This has angered citizens who had so much expectations. From lower taxes to higher taxes. From promising more jobs now they’re promising to take citizens to the Middle East as slaves.

As 2021 elections approach, PF has nothing to tell or promise the people. They have nothing to show for the 10years of being in power apart from their mansions and big cars while the people are dying of hunger. Realizing that they have lost political fortunes, the PF has now resorted to dirty politics just like the MMD did before 2011. PF has resorted to politics of violence, fake propaganda and tribalism.

The Patriotic Front is so convinced that if they can divide this nation through tribal hatred and divisions then they can retain power. Their plan is to infuse fear in our people that UPND will neglect other tribes when they form government. Total lie. PF using money hungry boys in their media department is trying by all means to reduce our politics to tribe wars. PF is no longer a political party but a traditional grouping which seeks to take our country back to the days of shaka.

But will tribalism save PF in 2021? Absolutely not. The people of Zambia have passed through that stage of buying cheap propaganda from small boys and girls. The Zambian people rejected dirty politics of lies, slender and tribalism in 2011 and they will still do that in 2021. The Zambians will not trade their much cherished peace just to retain criminals in power. UPND has attained the character of a national party through hard work and shall not allow criminals who want to continue stealing to dent our name. UPND and Hakainde Hichilema respects everyone in this country and when in office will not discriminate anyone. We shall respect all traditional leadership whether they believe in us or not.

We appeal to our members to avoid being lured into tribal battles by toilet papers masquerading as newspapers. We must remain focused, we have come a long way to be where we are. Avoid attacking our traditional leadership because of fake propaganda. Personally I have respect for Mwinilubemba whether he believes in UPND or not and I will be visiting him soon to assure him that will always respect tradition. I pledge to use everything within my means to crush the fake propaganda and propel my President Hakainde Hichilema to victory.
2021 harder nabena
Sesheke MP


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