Lusaka ~ Thur, 23 June 2022

By Brightwell Chabusha

The “sexist” remarks Mr William Banda made against New Heritage Party president Chishala Kateka who conducted a lone protest against the high cost of living have angered the opposition Patriotic Front.

PF Deputy National Women’s Chairperson Mrs Kavumbu Hakachima wondered the kind of hunger UPND’s Mr Banda wanted the opposition leader to describe yesterday while she conducted her protest.

Mrs Hakachima lamented that women in the country shun politics because of behaviors such as the one “my father Mr William Banda” just exhibited.

She said this in a statement issued to Zambia Reports today.

“You cannot talk to a woman in a manner he has just done because we the women are your mothers. The men in this country must know that without us women, you are not going to be on planet earth and therefore we ought to be respected,” she said.

“This is why in Africa it’s going to be difficult to have a 50/50 situation in terms of politics. Because women are not respected. Women are not valued. What was wrong with what madam Kateka did? Who doesn’t know hunger in this country? So what kind of hunger does my father Mr William Banda want Mrs Kateka to describe?”

Mrs Hakachima called on President Hakainde Hichilema to discipline Mr Banda.

She added that women’s participation in politics is vital and that they ought to be encouraged.

“I think that is being uncultured. My father Mr William Banda is an old man, he is not a youth, no. I want to call upon our President in this country to discipline such behaviors. We know that we have the vice president in this country who happens to be a woman. And because of that, the women must be respected,” she said.

“I think as women in this country, we find this statement very insulting rude and uncultured especially that it is coming from an old man. We want to advise him to desist from making such comments. You an embarrassment to our vice president because she is a woman, you are an embarrassment to the President himself.”

In a video that took rounds on Facebook yesterday, Mr Banda claimed that there are two types of hunger and asked the opposition leader to describe which one she was talking about.

“Njala mulinayo yamunyumba niyamutundu bwanji? Ndipo munyumba muja mufuna vakudya vamutundu bwanji? Vakudya navo vili pambili…so that tizibe, mutiuzeko iyo njala mulinayo chifukwa mwa Hakainde bantu bali na freedom, bakamba vilivonse,” he said.

“Manje kaili njala munyumba ili pabili. Kuli njala yapa nsima na njala ya lekaleka. Manje njala yamene mulinayo imwe niyamutundu bwanji?”


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