Percy Chanda




When people who took oath to protect the constitution are the ones tearing it, then ordinary citizens must protect it. The issue of eligibility is not about Mr. Lungu, but about legality. Therefore it’s wrong to order Zambians to keep quiet over this matter. Zambians are not scared of Mr. Lungu standing in 2021. Zambians are ready to kick out PF with or without Mr. Lungu What Zambians don’t want is an illegal Presidential candidate. If by any chance Mr. Lungu stands in2021 he will be the weakest Presidential candidate for us in the UPND. Zambians are ready for regime change come 2021.

Some of the current PF MPs, in 2011 stood on the MMD ticket and lost miserably. In 22016 the same people stood on PF and won. The Question is what changed about these people who lost on the MMD ticket but later won on PF? The answer is that, in 2011 Zambians didn’t want anything to do with MMD. Those of you supporting Mr. Lungu’s candidature please do not be the first ones to desert him. Any one standing on PF will lose miserably. Zambians want real change.

There is something wrong with some politicians; they don’t like to be told the truth. That’s why they end up embarrassing themselves to an extent of crying in public after losing. PF has started campaigning and making the same mistakes that led to other previous Governments being kicked out. The poverty you have inflicted on innocent Zambians is the main reason why those people are following you now. Majority of those people know that you are thieves and therefore would like to eat from you the proceeds of your crimes. But what they will do on voting day is something else.

You have suppressed everybody, especially those in the public service and you call that popularity. There should be something wrong for you not to see that even school pupils are not interested in you. Your only hope is with prisoners who will vote for you with the barrel of the gun on their heads. Stop cheating yourselves that Mr. Lungu is a very popular candidate. Zambians are itching to teach PF a lesson.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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