1. The only people feeling oppressed are those who broke the law. That is not oppression you are feeling, that is text book playing the victim mentality exhibited by guilty suspects who fail to take responsibility for their actions and utterances.

    Grow up and take responsibility for your sh!t.

  2. You do wrong and then accuse the government of oppression. You think being a M.P. allows you to spew nonsense and you must be left free. Grow up you delinquent.

  3. We endured seven years of tortuous rule under ECL’s PF, complete with commanders and musclemen. UPND have a five year mandate so just take it easy and sweat it out.

    You want to continue with the same lawlessness seen under PF? I remember very well how you, Mr. Munir Zulu, was caught on a video clip trading punches with a traffic policeman and nothing happened to you because under PF you were above the law. Same with one of the MPs who raided the Central Police station in Lusaka, beat up the police and again this PF gentleman got away with a slap on the wrist.

    But now in the new dispensation, if you try the same nonsense, you will face the full wrath of the law. That is what we voted for, rule of law not of cadres.

    By the way, I would love to see you present your evidence in court to support your allegations of corruption against the ministers of Finance and infrastructure. I hope you won’t say you are being oppressed.

  4. The opposition political parties have no tangible issues to talk about for them to provide acceptable checks and balances. In modern politics evidence when articulating issues is needed, what we are seeing from opposition political parties particularly from the PF is complaining and making false accusations. People like Raphael Nakachinda, Brian Mundubile, Emmauel Mwamba and many others are just cry babies talking about things which they failed to do when they were in the ruling party.

    In terms of governance and promoting the rule of law and general running of the economic affairs of the country the UPND New Dawn government is doing far much better than the PF. On the other hand, the opposition parties should change the approach and style of engaging the government. Talking anyhow with no proper facts is just making noise people now are more informed and able to evaluate government performance. Tribal politics are not an issue so the PF should grow up, what can MPs like Munre Zulu talk about does he really understand governance or economics, his calibre of articulating nationall issues is very low.

  5. This chap aoneka he smokes ya chingoni. He just speaks off the caff most of the time. He looks like the brain is fimo fimo.


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