Elias Munshya
Elias Munshya

By Elias Munshya


With the KCM, PF, ZESCO and CEC shenanigans; we might as well just give it all up to China.

How do you explain this?

1. You liquidated KCM and told us that you had started to make money in the first month, and were liquidating all the debts you found. It was a lie. CEC hasn’t been paid to date. And you were not making any money. You are losing money and only the PF aligned mafia lawyers are benefiting.

2. The PF constituted a corrupt committee to study the CEC-KCM contract. Something completely unheard of, where a ruling party seeks to intimidate a private company. After the PF’s study, confusion ensued. KCM refuses to pay for power; and CEC struggled.

3. Now that KCM is broke. The little assets it had were stolen within days of the Mafia’s takeover, GRZ has intervened by beginning the repossession of the private company CEC. Of course it starts with repossessing the cables, and transformers, and in no time it will be all the assets. They will find a new term for it – liquidation, which is not a liquidation, or a special purpose vehicle.

4. President Lungu and his kampenga Bwalya Ng’andu are trying to convince the loan sharks to restructure Zambia’s $12 B kaloba. This repossession of CEC sends a different message. GRZ will use its sovereignty to interfere in business and common sense. The government lacks discipline. This is a bad signal.

5. This is like robbing Mulenga, to pay Sibeso. Or robbing Natasha to pay Tasila. KCM can’t pay, and so you rob CEC, to pay ZESCO. But even with ZESCO; you will fail. In any case, what will you do if CEC fails to pay its workers? They will all go on ZESCO’s pay roll? Tell that to the Frenchman Lizard, or is he Luzard.

6. Who will be winners? It will be the Chinese. They will make offers for KCM, for CEC, and everything. And there will be no Miles Sampa to save the day. He will be somewhere recovering or apologizing to Matthew Nkhuwa.

Chipantepante. You can’t explain it. It is, as my fellow Chiwempalans are putting it, like fufu veve.


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