Woman Assaulted by Husband’s Girlfriend After Catching Them in Bed


Purity Mhlanga, a 51-year-old woman, experienced a shocking turn of events when she discovered her husband, Jim Mhlanga, in bed with his alleged girlfriend, Tamari Chawara (49). As Purity confronted the couple at Chawara’s residence, the situation escalated, resulting in Purity being assaulted by Chawara.

The incident unfolded on October 29th of last year at approximately 8 PM. Purity had received information regarding her husband’s suspected extramarital affair with Chawara and decided to investigate. Acting on the tip-off, she hurried to Chawara’s homestead, where she found Jim and Chawara together in an intimate setting.

Emotions ran high as Purity confronted Chawara, accusing her of luring away her husband. However, instead of engaging in a civil discussion, Chawara responded with violence. Enraged, Chawara assaulted Purity with a stick, striking her twice on the back and once on the forehead. The forceful blow to Purity’s forehead resulted in a deep cut.

Following the assault, Purity promptly reported the incident to the local authorities, leading to Chawara’s subsequent arrest. Chawara appeared before Concession magistrate Joshua Nembaware to face charges of assault.

During the court proceedings, Chawara pleaded guilty to the assault charges. As a widow responsible for ten children, Chawara appealed for mercy, emphasizing her challenging circumstances. She claimed that she had acted in self-defense, mistaking Purity for a thief when she arrived unannounced at her house late at night.

Magistrate Joshua Nembaware deliberated on the case and handed down a sentence. Chawara was sentenced to six months imprisonment, which was wholly suspended for a period of five years. However, the suspension came with a condition: Chawara must not commit any offense involving assault during that period. Failure to comply with this condition would result in immediate imprisonment without the option of a fine.

The incident serves as a reminder of the emotional turmoil and potential consequences that can arise from extramarital affairs. While emotions understandably ran high, resorting to violence is never an acceptable solution. The court’s decision highlights the importance of peaceful resolution and serves as a reminder that assaulting others carries serious legal consequences.

Purity Mhlanga’s ordeal serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the complexities and painful repercussions that can result from infidelity within relationships.


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