Woman cohabits with hubby’s brother


Woman cohabits with hubby’s brother

The Livingstone local court has castigated a couple for what it termed as incestuous affair after it was revealed that the woman was in a sexual relationship with her former husband’s brother.

Senior Local Court Magistrate Frederick Mainza described Catharine Phiri and her lover Joseph Mwamba’s affair as shameful, inappropriate and culturally unacceptable.

“You must end this relationship. It is inappropriate and a violation of cultural norms. Do not engage in unconventional relationships as there are consequences to this kind of behavior,” the court advised.

This was in a case in which Phiri, from Malala village, sued Mwamba, her former husband’s brother, for divorce.

Earlier, Phiri told the court that the couple had been on separation for three years due issues related to their unconventional relationship.

“I have been living with Mwamba as husband and wife although he had not paid any dowry. Together we have three children. During the time of our separation, Mwamba has been visiting my home insulting me and troubling my life,” she complained.

She also said Mwamba was not responsible and failed to provide for their children.

But Mwamba, who admitted cohabiting with Phiri, said Phiri should have sued his brother for divorce, not him, because the two were not married.

“I am not the right person she has sued. She should have sued my brother for divorce, not me, because we were not married, just cohabiting. I had not paid any dowry for her,” he said.

But passing judgment, Senior Local Court Magistrate Frederick Mainza warned the couple against engaging in unconventional relationships.

The court empasised the importance of respecting cultural norms and avoiding practices that may lead to social and legal consequences.

“It is essential that individuals follow the established legal procedures when entering into marriage or relationships to avoid any misunderstandings and legal repercussions, “the court advised.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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