World’s biggest floating university back in Kenya


The cruise ship MV World Odyssey, which hosts a sailing university campus, has docked in the coastal Kenyan town of Mombasa.

The vessel allows undergraduate students, recent university graduates and students taking a gap year to study a semester at sea, which involves cruising to different countries to learn about their histories and cultures.

“Aboard the ship is 763 passengers, of which 585 are students who will visit institutions of higher learning for educational tours, conduct excursions around the city and visit various wildlife parks during their stay,” the Kenya Ports Authority shared on X.

The university also hosts “lifelong learners” aged 30 or older, as well as faculty and staff.

It is often referred to as the “world’s biggest floating campus”.

The university, which is operated by the Institute for Shipboard Education, has been visiting Kenya annually since 2022.


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