Yes I am admitted to hospital… and visitors are not allowed for maximum rest and ease of undisturbed treatment-Thabo Kawana

Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana

I’m in hospital-Thabo Kawana

I am under the weather and most of you colleagues on DAZ have rained heavy on me in my in box over how you feel I am overworking myself judging by the traffic of pipo frequenting my office.

Let me say that I am satisfied that I have lived in the goodness of God on this earth for the time God has allowed me and continues to do so.

Like I say always on DAZ, I help alot of pipo because alot of pipo help me. I hate injustice and ill treatment of the poor and vulnerable because I too was poor and vulnerable at some point in my life.

My life story is nothing but the fullness of God’s mercy, there are pipo even from here that have visited my office and expressed concern on the multitudes that come there on a daily basis and how it is unhealthy for a person in my condition.

But please understand, what I have is a public office and therefore the pipo’s office, if I need privacy then I have no business in a public office.

The President appointed me out of many millions of more able and qualified Zambians not for prestige, comfort or self fulfillment no. He appointed me together with many others to help him serve the masses, the poor, the vulnerable and the needy in our Nation.

And this task I shall continue to do until the day my grave is prepared. So forgive me colleagues, I am not starborn and not getting your advise, this is just who we are and like spots on a leopard , we too can’t change.

I think strongly also that it is a beautiful death to die serving and saving others, what’s good is my children know what sort of Father they have in me and I pray they too grow up to always want what’s best and better for others.

Yes I am admitted to hospital wr I have been since Saturday but we are making steady progress and visitors are not allowed for maximum rest and ease of undisturbed treatment.

We have been here before and we shall pull through, I don’t think God is done with us on earth but hey, just in caseā€¦..we shall go out smiling.

We have done our bit and will continue to do our bit until that day, so please don’t worry much colleagues.

Apafwa Abantu, Pashala Abantu.


  1. Quick Recovery my brother ! We can criticize certain times but doesn’t mean we wish pipo ill luck,no…we are Zambians ,it means a lot,and is above politics.From Berlin


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