Yo Maps Shade on Mwizukanji Sparks Online Uproar, Her carders roast him


Yo Maps’ Shade on Mwizukanji Sparks Online Uproar, Followers Rush to Her Defense
Zambia’s popular musician, Yo Maps, has found himself in hot water after seemingly trash-talking Mwizukanji’s recent wins at Diamond TV’s POTYAs.

Social media users quickly came to Mwizukanji’s defense, criticizing Yo Maps for belittling her achievements. Many argued that Mwizukanji’s success was well-deserved and not based on sympathy votes, as Yo Maps suggested.

Yo Maps sarcastically commented on Mwizukanji’s large following on Facebook, comparing it unfavorably to Kidist Kifle’s presence. This sparked outrage among netizens, who accused Yo Maps of trying to bring Mwizukanji down.

They emphasized that people voted for her out of genuine love and support, not sympathy.

While some urged Yo Maps to seek therapy for his apparent depression, others advised him to invest in real estate or make wise financial decisions.

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It seems that Yo Maps’ attempt to downplay Mwizukanji’s achievements has backfired, with many expressing their disappointment in his behavior.


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