You can be prosecuted, you don’t have presidential immunity – US court tells Trump

Trump’s Mugshot Released After Surrendering in Fulton County

Donald Trump can be charged for trying to change the 2020 election result, as the court says he doesn’t have immunity as a president.

Mr Trump said that he shouldn’t be charged with a crime for things he did while he was president.

On Tuesday, a court in Washington DC rejected that argument.

This is a problem for Mr. He has always said he can’t be sued while he’s president. But now he’s facing many lawsuits.

The old president plans to ask for a new decision because he disagrees with the current one. If he does, the case might end up in the Supreme Court, where there are more conservative judges than liberal ones.

US Special Counsel Jack Smith says that Mr Trump, who is 77 years old, is being accused of working with others to try to change the result of Joe Biden winning the 2020 election. He is also accused of doing illegal things to try to stay in his job as president.

The trial for that case was supposed to happen on 4 March, but it was delayed because they are waiting for a decision on the immunity claim.

It might take a long time if the case goes to the Supreme Court, maybe weeks or even months.


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