You cannot love Zambia only when your tribe is in leadership – KBF


You cannot love Zambia only when your tribe is in leadership – KBF

By Thomas Ngala

WHY is Zambia attracted to electing liars, fraudsters and thieves, wonders Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) leader Kelvin Fube Bwalya, popularly known as KBF.

Speaking when he welcomed eight people who defected from the Socialist Party (SP) to his, KBF argued that no one can love Zambia only when their tribe is in leadership.

He added that one cannot claim to be a good responsible leader by practicing nepotism, discrimination, hatred and tribalism.

“Equally, you cannot claim to love your country when you claim to be a socialist but you live like a capitalist and you love capitalism and abuse your people,” he said. “Political leadership is not about loving money to the benefit of the few and yourself. After studying the lives, thoughts and activities of most historical leaders, and particularly, the Zambian leaders, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that we as a nation must begin to ask very basic, yet fundamental questions about some of the people we want to lead this country, or indeed, those pretending to lead this country.”

He said politicians must be asked, among other questions, if they are truly Zambians before they get elected into power.

“We must ask anyone who wants to be a leader of Zambia basic questions such as these. Who are your parents? Who was your father? Who was your mother? What kind of childhood did you have? What is the basis of your faith?” he said “I believe that one of the biggest tragedies our nation is suffering from is poor, bad and accidental visionless leadership that is leading Zambia today. Zambia needs servant leadership with a duty of care, grace, understanding and love for our poor people.”

KBF said Zambia needs leaders who believe in moral and social justice for the poor people.

He said leadership based on lies, deception and fraud must never again be allowed to take up political leadership and power.

“Somewhere I read that leadership has no protection when it lacks character. I also read that success without a successor is actually failure. I also read that vision is the function of the heart, for without the heart no one can live,” he said. “Let us remember that even the poorest of our people, the poorest man in the street, in the compound has got a dream. The poorest person at least has got a plan. The poorest person in this country has some potential that we must look at. We must give such dreams, such plans and such potential a chance at life. Leadership is not about control or power, or manipulating the poor by lies and misrepresentation. In Zambia Must Prosper we believe that this is a very important aspect that we must consider.”

The opposition leader wondered why Zambia is considered a poor country amidst the vast ocean of natural resources.

He stressed the need for the citizens to change their mindset and begin to change the concept of who is going to be the national leader.

“Going forward, we must examine who we will allow to lead us. As we head to 2026 and look forward to having our general elections, let us ask ourselves a few pertinent questions. What of the fundamental questions we need to ask is who are we? That question is extremely important and must be examined. That is the question that we shall be asking in 2026,” he said. “In Zambia Must Prosper we believe that we are one. We believe that we are one people. We believe that we are one tribe, we believe that we are one country and we believe that we are one nation. In 2026, our freedom of speech will be on the ballot. In 2026, our freedom of assembly will be on the ballot. In 2026, our freedom of movement will be on the ballot. In 2026, our right to own property will be on the ballot. In 2026, our right to privacy, will be on the ballot. All our constitutional rights will be on the ballot.”

He also said that Zambians may have sent the white colonial masters packing in 1964, “but what about our brothers whose minds have been infected by the colonialists?”

“What about those of our brothers who are willing to sale our national assets for a song? What about those our brothers who are moral misfits but claim to be leaders? What about those our brothers who are economic misfits and don’t care about the poor people?” he asked “What shall we do to those our brother who are totally miseducated and mislead and confuse our nation? The wise once said and I quote, when you elect a clown, he turns the nation into a circus.”

Those that defected to the party are Gift Banda who claims to have been a Socialist Party founding member, Alphonso Kakoma, Sharon Phiri, Jack Mushe, Luis Tembo, Macloud Lunkoto, Lindiwe Mawere and Bishop Daniel Soko.


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