5 TH JULY 2020
Ever since PF came to power, fighting corruption has become a mare mockery. PF is using corruption to fight corruption. This has resulted in a very high number of corruption cases involving politically exposed persons. Amongst the key drivers of corruption in PF are things like; lack of political will to deal with corrupt elements decisively and UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA decree. When corruption is backed by such elements it becomes practically impossible to win the battle. People steal with impunity, knowing that at one stage they will be cleaned by the system. But what’s interesting in this whole process is the fact that the chief cleaner remains very dirty.

What we see in this Country is that whenever there is an attempt to bring culprits to book, somewhere within the process things turn against the Zambian people, the owners of the stolen money. This has left Zambians with no option but to lose confidence in the whole process. Hardly a day passes without a new scandal involving huge sums of money disappearing from Government coffers and thieves acquiring properties throughout the Country. Surprisingly, these thieves remain untouchable and worse still they are now hiding in the new culture of taking citizens to court for criminal libel.

Leadership is not for the faint hearted, otherwise ones becomes a dictator instead of a servant of the people. A servant remains humble even under extreme provocation. How many times was KK abused by the Zambian people? Being a true servant of the people, KK just said INSELE MAFUTA. He took insults as his body lotion. Never did we hear of any criminal libel, not even from his Ministers. How many times has HH been defamed and abused? But the man, being a true leader even withdraws very serious cases giving chance to those that insult him to do a self introspection.

But under PF when you complain about corruption, you will be treated worse than a common criminal. All of a sudden the entire PF Government machinery will become too efficient, while murder cases like those of Mapenzi and Lawrence Banda remain un resolved. PF has abused all state institutions to promote and continue with crookedness and criminality. 2021 is fast approaching and Zambians will have the last laugh.
Percy Chanda
UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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