You said it’s lack of leadership and vision; now the same problems confront us- Chilangwa reminds the Govt


You said it’s lack of leadership and vision; now the same problems confront us,” Chilangwa reminds the Government.

… as he emphasized the urgency of addressing the hunger and other pressing issues.

Parliament News 29-02-2024

Kawambwa Member of Parliament, also serving as the Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General, Hon. Nickson Chilangwa, asserted this afternoon that just as the President attributed all climate change issues to a lack of leadership within the executive, he should now reassess his own leadership and vision in light of the country’s current challenges related to climate change.

“”Mr. Speaker, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, once said that it is not possible for Zambia to face climate change problems unless those in the executive are not thinking properly or not acting in the right way. This issue of attributing power shortages and poor food supply to negligence and lack of foresight by those in the executive was mentioned by the President many years ago, before he became president. So, if there are problems arising from these issues, it’s up to the President and his administration to engage in introspection.”

The KAWAMBWA lawmaker made these remarks during a debate on a motion urging the Government to adopt a report of the parliamentary delegation to the 54th Plenary Assembly session of the SADC Parliamentary.


  1. Surely this guy does not believe HH is God to have averted the drought? Keep quiet rather than exposing your ignorant.

  2. Nickson Chilangwa your bitterness towards HH won’t even resuscitate your comatose PF club. You are gone for good honourable. Your debate both inside and outside parliament is always full of political toxin against the Republican President. You need total repentance PF Kembo iwe.


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