You will be tried in 5-months for corruption… There is no Alebwelelapo to help you – HH


You will be tried in 5-months for corruption – HH … There is no Alebwelelapo to help you

President Hakainde Hichilema says the government has signed two pieces of legislation that enable it to try and conclude corruption cases within five months.

Speaking during the end of the year press conference which was held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, President Hichilema said if one engages in corruption, they won’t have to wait for many years for their matter to be concluded.

“I know there were some who were buying time and were even celebrating that we will wait. We will delay until after 2026, alebwelelapo and they will allow us to continue. There is no alebwelelapo. No alebwelelapo. There is nothing like that. There is no waiting, that’s the point I am making,” he said. “There is no waiting for alebwelelapo. You will be tried now within five months and the case will close…


  1. Pathetic liar.

    How many people have so far been convicted under the leadership of this conman cowboy?

    The only people that believe his lies and eat his nonsense are his tribe and relatives.

    Wasted years for Zambia.


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