Young man jailed for stealing his father’s flat-screen TV


Young man jailed for stealing dad’s TV

A 22-year-old old man has been sentenced to one-year imprisonment for stealing his father’s flat-screen TV.

Alick Phiri has been found guilty of stealing a TV valued at K6,500.

Magistrate Alice Walusiku said in the judgment delivered on Tuesday that she was sending him to jail to understand that no law protects children from their parents.

“Imagine, you stole from your father’s place where you stay and a TV which you also watch. You are the children who are problematic to parents, when your parents are still alive all properties are theirs and you have no lawful right to take away anything in that manner,” Magistrate Walusiku said.

This was despite Alick begging for clemency from the court that he had a health condition that he couldn’t clearly say.

“I’ve taken into account your mitigation and that you are the first offender. However, I will be failing in my duties if I let you go unpunished and punishing you will serve as a lesson to others as theft is so rampant in this district.”

Alick stole the TV when the rest of the family was at church on February 19, 2023.

He later informed his sister that he was leaving Nakonde for Lusaka.

His father received a phone call from the police the following day for the identification of his son and the TV.

When the matter was taken to the court, Alick claimed he took the TV because his father failed to give him money to get a driver’s license.

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