Young mother arrested for baking newborn baby in oven


A heartbreaking turn of events reveals a 26-year-old American woman named Mariah Thomas from Kansas City who has been accused of endangering the welfare of her one-month-old daughter, Za’Riah Mae.

The infant was found with severe burn wounds, allegedly baked to death in an oven.

Police responded to a distress call at Thomas’ home the day after her birthday, discovering Za’Riah covered in burns, with her clothing melted onto her diaper.

The grim scene prompted an immediate investigation, resulting in Thomas being charged with child endangerment.

A friend of Thomas described Za’Riah as a “very bubbly” baby, always smiling.

The friend suggested that Thomas may have been struggling with mental health issues, possibly contributing to the tragedy.

Za’Riah’s grandfather received a disturbing call from Thomas, urging him to return home immediately.

Upon arrival, he discovered the infant in her crib, lifeless, with Thomas claiming she had accidentally placed her in the oven.

Police found Za’Riah in a car seat with apparent thermal injuries, wearing a bodysuit melted onto her diaper.

Thomas, portraying herself as a devoted mother on social media, has invoked her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent during questioning.
As the investigation unfolds, a disturbing post from Thomas’s social media has surfaced, where she lamented the lack of support just weeks before the tragic incident.

The community is left in shock and mourning over the devastating loss of Za’Riah Mae.


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