Young Student Nurse Takes Ex-boyfriend To Court, Demands A ‘moving-on’ Restraining Order



IN A HILARIOUSLY heart-tugging twist of events, a 22-year-old student nurse has decided to employ the law to teach her ex-boyfriend, Taonga Chibambe, a lesson in the art of moving on.

Sharon Ng’uni, the fearless nurse-in-training, has dragged Taonga, 22, to the Kitwe Local Court, demanding a restraining order to protect herself from his relentless post-breakup antics.

Sharon, the brave protagonist of this melodrama, informed the court that despite their love story hitting the final chapter in 2021, Taonga just can’t seem to grasp the concept of “The End.”

Like a recurring character in a bad soap opera, Taonga keeps showing up at her doorstep and launching a never-ending barrage of phone calls.

It seems that Taonga might be a contender for the “Clueless Ex of the Year” award, as he apparently missed the memo about closure and moving forward.

But fear not, Sharon has decided to bring this rom-com gone wrong to the courts for some much-needed resolution.

Sharon told the court that this was the second restraining order that she was seeking.

She told court that she decided to end the relationship with Taonga owing to his abusive behavior.

The young nurse asked the court to order her ex-boyfriend to stop visiting and calling as she was now dating someone else.

Sharon also said that it was disheartening that Taonga’s mother has accused her of putting her son under a spell, claiming that this the reason he could not forget about her.

In his defence, Taonga told the court that he only visits her when she tells him to do so.
He said he has never visited her without her permission.

The court ordered Sharon and Taonga to stop calling or visiting each other
The court said it was disappointing to see youths portraying a behavior which he likened to that of animals.

“You are too young to behave like this and I do not know why parents are involved in such a matter. Block each other and stop visiting her. This is animal behavior and you cannot continue like this,” said the court.


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