…..says, government has abandoned him

SIKONGO… Sunday, April 7, 2024

Chief Namakaya of Sikongo district in Western Province bemoaned the lack of support from government saying that government has abandoned him and his chiefdom.

Speaking when Sociality party president Dr Fred M’membe paid him a courtesy call, Saturday, Chief Namakaya lamented how his palace is in a dilapidated state.

“In my entire life, I have never seen a president visit me officially in my palace but today you have come to visit; I hope you are going to perform efficiently. To me, your visit is more like a miracle. With what has happened, I pray you perform nicely. Previously, chiefs were being paid and were well taken care of but right now, they have literary become like villagers. Even if you look at my feet, you can tell that we aren’t living well, we aren’t honoured as chiefs. We are literary neglected,” he said.

“We always wish that the those who want to rule us should look at our plight. If you look at the chairs you are seated on; these aren’t chairs that a chief should have. But all those who rule don’t consider our plight, this is my misfortune. So, I’m grateful to you because you are still contesting to stand and I’m sure we are going to unity. As time goes, we are going to see how you will perform. I’m wishing you all the best luck from God that he should be with you and you go through”.

Meanwhile, Dr M’membe says changing of government without changing the way to govern will not build the country.

“If you our chiefs fail to rule your lands, you thing a politician on his own can manage? No, he will fail, even though he has a good heart, he will fail. Let’s start afresh, we need to change not only changing the new regime no but whats important is to change the way of governing,” he said.

“If you change only the government and not the way of governing, we won’t go anywhere. Even me if you decide to vote for me in 2026 and if I don’t work with you then there is nothing have done. We haven’t come to lie to you that we will have the power to change the way you are living, changing the way you live is in your hands”.

Dr M’membe further urged the chief to learn the art of doing not being too over dependent on government in order for their lives to be better

“My elder, we are grateful for welcoming us. Everything you have said has touched our hearts. The aim of our visit is to look into the concerns you have raised. You have been lied to for a long time, today someone will come and lie to you, you with be them. Tomorrow another one will come to lie to you, you will be with them and again someone will come, lie to you and you will be with,” said Dr M’membe.

“But when it’s time for them to work for you, they run away. Again when another comes, they run away. Will you send another one again? No, it’s to go there on our own and do what must be done. You are our chiefs who were ruling this land before whites come”.


  1. KK should have abolished these chiefdoms from the beginning the way Tanzania did!
    You call yourself a Chief with land and subjects but still begging Boma to look after you?
    That is poverty of the mind in high places retarding national development!
    Have you ever heard Chief Mukuni begging from Boma?

  2. This Chief is an old adult, a senior citizen. Surely does he think it’s for the government to build him a good house and buy furniture for him as well?
    What’s wrong with our chiefs? They can’t even look after themselves properly and they blame the Govt for that! That is going a little bit too far. And these are the people who want to build Barotseland? God help them.

  3. This is really a shameful statement coming from a chief. If a chief can sound this hopeless, what more his subjects? This is the poverty of the mind the minister of education was talking about. With all the land, water and other resources in his chiefdom, surely they can’t make use them to improve their lives instead of just waiting for government to do everything? And then we hear some people complaining about foreigners who come and exploit the resources claiming that they “stealing” our resources when we have failed to make use of the same resources.
    Anyways, the government has started building palaces for all the chiefs in the country so I’m sure they get to his in due course.


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