Youth Advocate Tiza Mukuka calls for UNZA students to wear manditory uniforms

Tiza Mukuka

An urgent appeal has been made to the Dean of Students at the University of Zamia, in conjunction with the Ministry of Higher Education, to introduce obligatory uniforms for all students on the Great East Road Campus. An email written by the Mukuka Kampamba the youth ambassador at the Youth Alliance Zambia stated that this proposal aims to tackle the concerning behavior of female students dressing inappropriately.

Dressing Concerns and Implications:

Mukuka Kampamba claims that approximately 80% of students at the University of Zambia have expressed their genuine complaints regarding the prevalent issue of female students walking around the campus in revealing attire. He said this has become a significant distraction for male students, hindering their ability to focus on their studies. Mukuka said it has been observed that the lack of proper attire, both among male and female students, leads to social jealousy, which further impacts the overall academic environment and students’ grades.

Reviving the University’s Reputation:

The Youth ambassador said the decline in the University of Zambia’s ranking as one of the top universities in Africa has raised concerns among stakeholders. In light of this, he proposes the implementation of mandatory uniforms as a potential solution to address the underlying issues affecting the institution’s academic environment. By establishing a dress code policy, the university will create a more conducive atmosphere for learning and foster a sense of unity and equality among the student body.


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