Contact: UPND Southern province youth IPS, Lloyd Siambeta



Southern (28th May, 2020) – Fellow Zambians we are all aware that the patriotic front (PF) came in power under the Leadership of Micheal Chilufya Sata under a serious propaganda of more money in your pockets.

This slogan did not only bring hope to the young people but even adults. When Mr. Sata died, the country saw President Edgar Lungu coming in as a president. But at this point youths in zambia had hope that the man was going to fulfil what the youths were promised by PF under Sata.

But their shock and disappointment is that many youths have not benefited from this slogan but instead they have been subjected to serious intimidation through being arrested by Zambia police everytime they demand for what PF promissed them.

Many youths in Zambia have qualifications be it in teaching, nursing , social work name them but all their papers are gathering dust in their parents seating room shelves.

Even those who had found jobs are now back on the streets because PF government have failed to protect them from loosing their jobs. A classic example to this one is the closure of Prime Television which had more than 30 youths employed in various portfolios. These youths were taking care of families and also contributing to the growth of the nation by paying taxes.

Today, youths are complaining and are now demanding that pf government must explain to them Why they were told lies that things were going to be okay once PF come in power.

Youths talked to are now saying that the only hope which they have is Hakainde Hichilema and UPND. They are saying that they are growing old and how are they going to progress in life without jobs. They are saying that government can not manage to employ all of them in formal sector but all they want is government to come up with good policies and measures which will see these youths find something to do in life. They have since recorded their disappointment and regret for voting for pf.



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