Zahara’s family banned from visiting singer who is battling for life in ICU

Mpho Xaba, the fiancé of ailing South African musician, Zahara (Picture via Instagram - Zahara)

Mpho Xaba, the fiancé of ailing South African musician, Zahara, has reportedly banned members of her family from visiting her while she is in ICU, as he believes that they are too controlling despite the fact that they have not contributed financially to her treatment.

Zahara has been admitted in a Johannesburg hospital for the past fortnight with a liver ailment, with the family releasing a statement last week that they wanted privacy while she received treatment.

According to Zimoja, things have not been rosy behind the scenes, with Xaba reportedly changing an agreement made last week in which only himself, Zahara’s mother Nokhaya, her two sisters and brother were allowed to visit her in the ICU at a private hospital.

“This week an angry Xaba told hospital management and doctors treating Zahara that only himself will visit her, claiming her family wants to control everything yet they won’t pay for her hospital bills.

“Zahara family has been banned from visiting her after he overheard them discussing unsettling money issues yet they won’t pay for urgent medical procedures that need to be done to save her. Mpho put his foot down and said he’s Zahara husband,” the source said.

The source of the conflict, according to Zimoja, were Zahara’s sisters, who had dragged her mother and brother into the ongoing drama.

“Zahara’s mom has been dragged into this situation because her sisters are too controlling. Remember when Zahara had to do more tests, it was his brother who raised the money, which ran into a few thousands of Rands,” said the source.

Zahara is currently in a state of limbo, according to the source, as her family does not have the funds to get her all the necessary tests.

“Zahara is still awaiting more funds to do more tests before she can be put in the long queue for a liver transplant. But no one is coming to assist her, despite promises done privately by some of her music industry colleagues.”


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