The Zambia Association of Musicians has in last 24 hrs received several queries both from the media and the general public about Mr. Brian Bwembya’s (A.K.A B Flow’s) expressed views. As Mr. Bwembya is a member of the Zambia Association of Musicians who has served on the current National Executive we found it necessary to look in to the reasons causing general public interest.

Having looked at the information that we were able to access, we observed that Mr. Bwembya was expressing his opinion and in so doing exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech. We further noticed that other members of the music fraternity took to their social media platforms to express similar views. It was also brought to our attention that Mr. Bwembya’s senti- ments were addressed by Honorable Bowman Lusambo therefore prompting members of the media to request the Zambia Association of Musicians to make a comment on the said matter.

Our primary objective as an association is to ensure our members have an enabled environment in which they can develop their talents in to businesses and brands that will contribute to the countries GDP. In consultation with various stake holders including the Zambian Government, we work relentlessly to find avenues in which musicians can explore opportunities that will maximise their personal and collective revenue while promoting Zambian culture and tourism. At the centre of our efforts is each individual musicians’ talent, without which the Zambia Association of Musi- cians would be non existent.

Our membership is comprised of various members from different backgrounds with divergent views, brought together by their common interest to develop their talents with the support of the Zambia Association of Musicians, The National Arts Council and the Zambian Government. Each one of these talents serves the general populace through expres- sive art that forms up the voice of our culture in advertent ways. In many cases through their con- tributions our members connect at profound levels with large constituencies of supporters giving musicians a highly influential position in society. It is with this in mind that we encourage our members and associate musicians to exercise responsibility while carrying out their duties; we request the highest level of professionalism keeping in mind the different ways in which our con- tributions impact society. Further to which we implore all of our members to abide by the laws of the land keeping in mind the responsibility we are charged with. Having stated this we are strongly opposed to all forms of censorship, we believe musicians must be allowed to fully express their views through music or otherwise, so as to fully express the feelings, emotions and cultures of the environment in which they live in. Musicians’ artistic contributions are a reflection of the soci- ety and in many ways draw inspiration from the communities they live in. Further to which we are in no way opposed to our members expressing their constitutional rights within the confines of common respect for all Zambians.

In respect to the sentiments expressed by Honourable Lusambo, we feel it is prudent for dialogue to ensue so as to advance the discussion in a fruitful direction and to establish a firm understand- ing of the issues being addressed by the artists expressing their views . We see a positive oppor- tunity for Honourable Lusambo and the concerned artists to collectively assert the issues and find a common solution which will guide all of us towards achieving a desirable outcome. We have had the privilege to work with the talented Brian Bwembya A.K.A B ‘Flow who we know beyond any shadow of doubt is a well meaning Zambian who in all his exploits is constantly looking to help others, therefore, we are confident that once dialogue takes place, objectives that will impact the nation positively will be attained.
Thank you.
Tivo Shikapwashya


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