Zambia Acknowledges U.S. Decision relating to the Sanctions Programmeon Zimbabwe- Hon. Mulambo Haimbe

Mulambo Haimbe

Republic of Zambia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Press Statement
For Immediate Release

Zambia Acknowledges U.S. Decision relating to the Sanctions Programme
on Zimbabwe

The Government of the Republic of Zambia acknowledges the decision
by His Excellency Mr. Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States of
‘America on 4″ March 2024, relating to the sanctions programme on the
Repubiic of Zimbabwe, which has been in existence since 2003.

Zambia takes cognizance of the profound implications of this decision as
‘an important step towards reconfiguring relations with Zimbabwe and
consequently supporting development activity in the southem African
region. This decision opens doors for renewed engagement to tackle
pressing challenges, including those concerning food security and climate
change which greatly affect livelinoods.

Zambia stands firm in supporting efforts to alleviate the broader societal
impacts affecting the region, the continent and the globe as a whole.
Therefore, this latest decision is welcomed as a positive step among many
others to follow.

To this end, Zambia calls on the United States of America and other
countries to remove all sanctions against Zimbabwe, which will signal a
crucial progression in the implementation of the shared ideals such as
inclusive democratic governance; institutional reform and the promotion
of stability, peace and security.

The Zambian Government reaffirms its unwavering commitment to
working closely with countries in the SADC region and beyond in fostering
greater integration and cooperation.

(Original signed)
Hon. Mulambo Haimbe, SC, M.P


Charter House


5 March 2024


  1. Have you read the sanction statement by USA on Zimbabwe, Hon. Minister. The same things that your government is doing here in Zambia, have led to Zimbabwean president and some of his ministers being sanctioned, like lack of democratic principals, opposition being muzzled and gaggled by the state, no freedom of expression, opposition leaders and civic leaders being arrested without proper reasons, opposition can’t hold rallies, too much corruption in government, abrogating the national constitution at will (like the Miles Sampa fiasco) etc.! So the opposition should write to the American embassy here in Zambia to detail these similar happenings in Zambia before the situation reaches that of Zimbabwe. Already the mis rule in Zambia has led to destruction of the economy, and headed the Zimbabwe way. Am sure Zimbabweans are just surprised that Zambia is headed the same direction like they are already in.

    • Seems sir, you’re the one that didn’t read what the US said about the Zim sanctions. Get your pfidiot MP’s to go back to the US embassy to embarrass themselves again!

  2. It would appear that the majority of the Zambian opposition leaders and their supporters and sympathisers were ardent viewers of the Fantasy Island TV series.


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